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The nominees for the 2015 class of the Poker Hall of Fame were announced recently, all 10 worthy of being immortalized among poker’s elite.

Missing from the list was PokerStars founder Isai Scheinberg, his absence not unexpected as the powers that be at WSOP would be loathe to include a man of his ilk. Still under indictment for Black Friday and not in good standing with the WSOP “in” crowd, Scheinberg was shunned like a nerdy school girl hoping to sit at the cheerleaders’ lunch table. Never mind that he forever changed poker and helped it to grow beyond lengths previously unimaginable.

Scheinberg will have to settle for the Internet Poker Wall of Fame, an honor a bit less noteworthy, but deserving all the same. The IPWOF was created due to Scheinberg’s likely HOF exclusion and may gain popularity as time goes on.

Poker Wall of Shame

Another idea whose time has come would be to create a Poker Wall of Shame. Those to be honored (shamed) would be players or industry folk who blemished the game of poker through their misdeeds.

My goodness, the list of possible nominees seems almost endless. Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and Ray Bitar for the Full Tilt fiasco. All three brought dishonor to the game by bungling finances at FTP, rivaling the antics of the Three Stooges.

Then there is Russ Hamilton for his “God Mode” feature at UltimateBet that allowed him to see the hole cards of other players and steal millions. In the same category are the boys at Absolute Poker led by Scott Tom and Brent Beckley. That one hits close to home as AP still owes me money.

Let’s not forget to include women, as the fairer sex is also deserving of Poker Wall of Shame recognition. Jennifer Larson at Lock Poker is a shoo-in. As is Annie Duke for her role in the failed Epic Poker League, in addition to UB shenanigans.

Murderer, Counterfeiter and Itchy Final Tablists

I would go so far as to nominate Ernie Scherer, who is serving two life sentences for murdering his parents. The former poker pro was featured on “48 Hours,” giving a black eye to poker with a plan to solve his financial problems by whacking Mom and Dad to collect inheritance money. That’s just plain evil.

Christian Lusardi also brought shame to the game. Introducing counterfeit chips into a Borgata poker tournament was bad enough, but Lusardi also tried to flush the evidence down the toilet when he realized the jig was up. The Poker Wall of Shame has room for him.

We cannot exclude Cedric Rossi and Jean-Paul Pasqualini, both suspended from the Global Poker Index for allegedly using hand signals during the final table of a Partouche Poker Tour Main Event. Anyone who watches the video can plainly see that various body parts were touched by the pair in order to share their hole cards with each other.

Who else should be included in the Poker Wall of Shame?

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