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In less than two weeks, the first-ever online bracelet event will be held on in Nevada. Following the passage of online poker regulations in Nevada, it was just a matter of time before an online bracelet would be offered. Now a lot of people are looking into reasons why they should play in Event #64.

The question now is whether the timing is right for the bracelet. While it is true that this first event will be limited to those physically located in Nevada, it is definitely time to start offering an online bracelet and here are three reasons why.


The WSOP Needs to Reflect the Entire Poker World

The poker paradigm shifted in the early 2000’s with the advent of online poker. Now, players can gain the same experience online in a matter of months that it took many live pros decades to gain.

Many of today’s top pros either learned the game online or perfected their game online. Players such as Chris Moorman, Tom Dwan, Daniel Cates, and a host of others became superstars playing online poker and then transitioned to the live arena. Where would Viktor Blom be without internet poker?

While the World Series of Poker reflects poker as a whole in the live arena, it is time for them to expand to the online arena. The WSOP has exploded in terms of attendance thanks to online poker, so it is fitting that they start awarding bracelets online.

Online Bracelets Can Help Expand the WSOP Brand

The World Series of Poker is constantly looking for avenues to expand their brand and online bracelets can help the company to further expand their brand in a way that may be limited for the live arena.

The WSOP has expanded to Europe and Asia-Pacific and select international Circuit Events are being planned for the future. With the introduction of online bracelets, the WSOP can expand their brand globally beyond normal online poker.

Presently, poker players around the world have to travel to Germany, Australia or Las Vegas to play for a bracelet. Online bracelets will allow players to compete in other parts of the world. Travel to a WSOP venue is not feasible for many players in other parts of the world and online bracelets can bring the world together as one.

Online Bracelets Add Another Level of Accessibility

The World Series of Poker has a long history of making its tournaments accessible to anyone willing to play. As long as they contact officials ahead of time, accommodations will be made for players with disabilities.

The most famous example of this is Hal Lubarsky who is blind but cashed in the 2007 WSOP Main Event with the aid of a reader. Since that time, Lubarsky has went on to cash six times in WSOP events, including the $3,000 Limit Hold’em Six Max this summer.

There are other players who are unable to make the trek to Vegas or other live WSOP venues due to physical limitations and an online bracelet event can help to give these fans of poker the chance to compete for a world title on equal footing.

Many disabled individuals around the world enjoy playing poker online from their homes. These players are just as competitive as non-disabled individuals are and deserve the right to compete for a world title. An online bracelet event would be the ultimate accommodation for disabled poker players and would truly make the WSOP available to everyone.

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