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Are you a natural born poker player?

That’s a question that the long white-coated geniuses have been asking in PokerStars Towers, and to find answers, they have come up with an ingenious project of the same name. But in truth, the project is far more than that. This is a form of recruitment.

It’s the most innovative project that I have seen for attracting recreational players to online poker. It’s an industry groundbreaker, and one the rest of the gang will mirror in the near future.

Dungeon’s and Dragons – On Steroids

Natural Born Poker Player starts out as a selection of interactive games. The first game that I tried was called ‘The Chase,’ an interactive film that casts you in the role of the protagonist trying to chase down a mugger after you inadvertently witness the crime.

During the chase you are asked a series of questions, and your answers determine what happens next in the movie. Think Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone’s Dungeons & Dragons on steroids, and you’ll get the picture.

At the end of each movie scene, you are graded on certain criteria that also relates to your potential as a poker player. For example, in The Chase, I was determined to be cool-headed, and this then led to an example of how I could use my cool-headedness at the poker table, with a second interactive video that casts you in heads-up action against an opponent.

An Immersive Poker Experience

I also tried two other games on the site: The Poisoner and The Khazi, and I found them both thoroughly entertaining. The Khazi, in particular, was great fun, very innovative and fresh.

The whole experience is designed to sweeten your poker-playing tooth. At the end of the movie sequences you will be desperate to dive into an online poker game and test your newly found skills. The game builds you up, makes you feel pretty good about yourself, and very subtlety creates a hyper link to get involved with a game on Stars.

The suite of games also contains one of the best modes of explaining the game of Texas Hold’em that I have ever seen. James Hartigan does the voice over as a combination of online poker and live poker cut scenes teach you how to play the game. My only beef, and it’s a minor one, is this part of the puzzle wasn’t also interactive. It would have made an excellent product, even better.

If you want to find out if you have what is takes to become a natural born poker player then head to and try it out for free today.

My poker IQ was 144.

What is yours?

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