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A video featuring Dan Bilzerian was recently released by the Bureau of Land Management in which the “King of Instagram” speaks for a little over one minute, advising gun owners who shoot on public land to “shoot responsibly and follow the rules.”

Bilzerian was forced to record the public service announcement in order to avoid jail time following a plea deal of no contest to an explosives charge that was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor and included a fine that presumably paid clean up costs. The incident that led to the playboy’s arrest occurred in November when Bilzerian and taggers-on blew up a semi truck in the Nevada desert.

In the PSA, Bilzerian is obviously reading scripted material, and doing so in such an uninspired fashion that viewers can plainly see that the trust fund millionaire is merely fulfilling the requirements of his plea bargain with prosecutors. Sort of like a schoolboy made to apologize for his actions against his will.

Blow it Up

The PSA includes footage of the November explosion, with Bilzerian stating after blowing up the semi that the misuse of exploding targets “can injure or kill spectators or yourself.” Unfortunately, showing the actual explosion masterminded by the Instagram star arguably did more to glorify his actions than to deter others and pass along the message of acting responsibly when shooting on public land.

Bilzerian has amassed over seven million Instagram followers, many of whom are likely impressed with his posts of guns and girls, representing a lavish, fun-loving lifestyle that appears to some to be short on both acting responsibly and following rules. Too much money and time on his hands is seen by observers as the reason behind his behavior.

In any event, the PSA likely did little to serve the public. I would bet that it instead will increase Bilzerian’s following, as others may join the list of those intrigued by Bilzerian and his exploits that he regularly posts on social media for all the world to see.

Jail is Not Fun

“Jail, let’s not do that again,” is Bilzerian’s closing comment in the PSA, delivered so dull and lifeless that it may lead many to wonder how he scored a few acting gigs in Hollywood. The answer may lie in the fact that one such gig, in the film “Lone Survivor,” required Bilzerian to loan the production company $1,000,000 in return for eight minutes of screen time and 80 words of dialogue.

Bilzerian took the same production company to court when his screen time turned out to be only one line of dialogue and under a minute before the camera. One wonders whether the Instagram king has soured on acting as a result of the “Lone Survivor” experience, resulting in his lackluster performance in the public service announcement that will likely not win him any new roles in Hollywood – with or without a million-dollar loan in exchange for a speaking part.


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