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Long before I learned how to be crap at poker, I was crap at pool. I played in a league every Tuesday night. One of the opposing teams was called The Top Club – a decrepit working man’s club.

In the home leg we got stuffed. They had this young girl playing for them and she beat our captain. We used to have this win/loss record book and someone placed a (W) next to his loss to signify a girl had beaten him.

In the away match, the girl was missing. I asked where she was and was told she didn’t play in their home matches.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because she is a girl,” came the reply.

The Top Club didn’t allow women into the area of the club that contained the pool table. She could only play in away games.

I couldn’t believe it.

Then there was the time I visited Sarn Club one Saturday night. I was with my ex-wife and her family. They were playing bingo. My ex-wife and I decided to skip the exhilaration and instead go into the bar to shoot some pool.

“Sorry, she can’t come in,” said a bloke sitting by the bar.

“What?” I asked.

“She can’t come in mate.”

“Why not?”

“Because women aren’t allowed in the bar.”

We refused to leave. I tried to order drinks and the barman refused to serve us. We left before the bouncers could physically remove us.

What the f**k is wrong with this world?

Why do men treat women so differently?

I understand that as you grow up you learn the ropes from your parents. If your Dad is a sexist pig then the chances are you will be the same. But my Mum does everything for my Dad, except wipe his ass, and I never turned out like that. Every human being on this planet has a choice in any given circumstance. Nobody can take that away from you. It’s the net result of your choices that make you who you are. I choose not to allow my wife to constantly cook and clean whilst I scratch my ass and sniff my finger.

The European Poker Tour (EPT) is fast becoming the most popular poker tour in the world. The events are always well run, there is this air of class about the place, the locations are superb, the fields always huge, and the money always life-changing.

In recent years they have really made a difference by holding Ladies Events, Seniors Events and even Juniors Events. I like that. It’s a nice touch. They are making that choice because they want to be a little different. They understand the needs of their customers. They know that seniors value playing with seniors, ladies value playing with ladies, and juniors value playing with juniors.

This isn’t an ism; this is simply a fact that birds of a feather like to flock together. And isn’t poker all about fun? You can’t have fun unless you are totally relaxed, and these segregated fields allow you to have that freedom because you don’t feel as awkward as the time an angry looking male mute was three-betting the shit out of you.

Today I read that 22 men played in the €200+20 Ladies Event at EPT Deauville. One of them won it. A guy who goes by the name of Derkx Olivier. It was his first ever cash in a live tournament. I bet he’s very proud of himself.

If you look at his Hendon Mob resume it indicates that he’s of mixed gender. It says the same of Luca Dal Cerro. An Italian male who also thought it would be acceptable to play in a Ladies only event. Of course they aren’t really of mixed gender. That’s a nice touch from Alex Dreyfus. Someone who, like me, thinks the men who have done this are disrespectful. The Unisex tag has been added because of the feeling of powerlessness to do anything else.

I read a tweet that said, “Only in France.” Let’s not blame the French here. This is not a national problem. This is a male problem. The insistence of so many men playing in this event sums up the age old debate over the existence of misogyny in poker.

For me it’s about respect.

The men who played in this event do not respect women. What a bunch of tossers! I find it incredulous that the official response is that the organizers can’t enforce the Ladies only rule because it’s against the law. Neither can they do what the World Series of Poker (WSOP) does and raise the buy-in to $10,000 because that’s also against the law.

This is utter nonsense.

Are we saying that banning these selfish wankers from sitting down in a €220 buy-in event is going to attract the long arm of the law. Does anyone really believe that someone is going to report the EPT to the police?

Get a grip.

We need more women playing in this game. Tournament organizers recognize this, hence the events. So why are a few dickheads trying to spoil it? All you do by sitting down, apart from making yourself look like a complete nob, is put women off playing in the first place.

You are taking the piss out of them. They know that. They will leave. They won’t come back. Poker loses. You lose. You bunch of idiots.

Sabina Hiatullah finished second in the event. She was interviewed by PokerNews. It was a great opportunity for her to express the views of the ladies in the field. Instead, she said she didn’t mind because it created a bigger prize pool.

I am physically slapping my forehead right now.

When asked if there was any changes the EPT could make to reduce the likelihood of men turning up to play, she replied:

“Why not call the event a Ladies and Gay tournament?”

That slap has just turned into a punch.

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