Online Poker Bonus Types - No Deposit Bonus & Other Welcome Bonuses

Best Online Poker Bonus Offers

We all love free money and has searched the internet to bring you the best online poker bonus offers. We have ranked the sites offering the best no deposit online poker bonuses and also provide you information on other types of bonus offers you will encounter.

Best Poker Sites that Offer No Deposit Bonus

If you’re looking for poker sites that offer no deposit bonus, then 888poker is your go-to place, they are the only ones currently offering a completely FREE bonus – no deposit needed! Below we also rank sites that offer the best poker bonuses on your first deposit.

These are the best 2018 poker bonus offers:

What is a Poker Bonus?

Much like online casino bonuses, a poker bonus is simply a promotion offered by an online poker site to new or existing players. These bonuses can take many forms but every online poker site offers some type of poker bonus. This can include a no deposit poker bonus in UK or a no deposit bonus in Canada.

There are several types of poker bonuses offered by sites. The most common are new player and first deposit bonuses. These award players who signup for new real money poker accounts and those who choose to make a deposit on the site.

Other more common poker bonuses are reload bonuses which are offered to existing players. These prompt players to make a new deposit to either continue playing real money online poker or to reward them with special promotions tied to the deposit.

Many deposit bonuses will require players to “clear” the bonus, which means that they must play a set number of hands or earn a certain number of points to clear the bonus. Most often, these bonuses are cleared in chunks of $10. Also, most must be cleared within a month of being claimed or the players loses their bonus.

What Poker Bonuses Are There?

Some sites offer a variety of bonus offers and there may be some confusion as to the difference between the offers. Below are the most common forms of poker bonus offers you will find online.

Instant Signup Bonus – These are bonuses you receive for registering for an account on an online poker site. They generally come with no strings attached and range from $5 to $20.

Poker Welcome Bonus – This is a package given for new players after they signup for an account. The instant signup bonus may be one piece of this bonus. Welcome bonuses can include additional bonus dollars along with freeroll tickets, deposit offers and sometimes special prizes.

First Depositors Bonus – The first time you make a deposit on an online poker site, most sites will provide bonus funds, typically a matching bonus up to 100%. In order to receive the matching funds, you must play a set number of hands or earn a set number of points. For example, you may have to earn 100 player points to receive $10 of the bonus.

Match Bonus – This bonus is for depositors who add funds to their poker account. The poker room will match your deposit up to a certain amount. Many sites will match a deposit 100% up to a maximum amount. These bonuses have conditions that require a set amount of play before the matching amount is released. The releases are done incrementally.

Mobile Poker Bonus – With the continual growth of mobile online poker, some providers have started offering bonuses to players that signup for an account through a mobile device or make a deposit using their device. These bonuses vary but the main requirement is that you must access the site via mobile to claim them.

Reload Bonus – This is a deposit bonus for existing players. It is similar to match or first depositors bonus. Sometimes these bonuses will feature extra perks such as freeroll tickets or tickets to special tournaments.

Four Reasons Why Online Poker Sites Offer Bonuses

Ever wonder why online poker sites bother to offer bonuses to their players? Continue reading to find out the top four reasons that sites regularly run promotions.

1) Attracting New Players

The most common reason that an online poker site will offer a poker bonus is to attract new players to the site. It is a fact that many online poker players spend a set amount on internet gaming, including poker. Many players deposit around $50 and for many that is the only money they will ever deposit.

While it is true that there are plenty of players that deposit a lot more, you also have to factor in the number of players that win on the site and never deposit another dime. As such, online poker rooms need a steady influx of new players in order to keep the site viable for everyone.

That’s where a poker bonus comes in. Poker bonuses attract new players to check out the site and hopefully make a deposit to help strengthen the poker economy on that site. Some sites will give a small amount of money to players who register for a new account. This amount is usually in the $10 to $20 range which is just enough for them to get their feet wet and hopefully convince them to deposit on the site. Another common example is a no deposit bonus for poker sites in UK, Canada, and Australia. You receive a “gift” without ever having to put down any money!

2) Retain Existing Players

Online poker sites experience high turnover, primarily from new players that try out the site and decide for whatever reason that they cannot win. Poker sites often devise promotions that will help retain these players. Sites must also keep their devoted players happy. If players feel they aren’t being treated fairly, they will go elsewhere. This is where a few well planned promotions to reward their loyalty are ideal.

These promotions can take various forms. Some are reload bonuses while others are special freerolls available only to existing players. Other sites may offer various promotions that award prizes or cash to existing players in exchange for playing a particular tournament, raking a set number of hands or even completing challenges on the site.

3) Prompt Players to Make a Deposit

The most common promotion offered by online poker sites involve some type of deposit. As stated earlier, the more money that is deposited by players, the stronger the economy on the site. Some players will use up their signup bonus and quit. Others will play freerolls in the hopes of catching fire.

Poker rooms will setup lucrative deposit bonuses to entice these players to fund their accounts and continue playing real money online poker. These bonuses are often match bonuses of 100% up to a certain amount. However, other sites are beginning to incorporate other rewards such as freeroll tickets, random prize drawings and even entries into special tournaments exclusively for depositors. These value-added rewards increase the odds that a player will put money on the site.

4) General Publicity

When a site offers an online poker bonus, it will often receive media attention from various poker news outlets. This provides general publicity for the poker site offering the promotion, all without them having to spend a dime. For instance, if PokerStars offers a UK bonus to all new players, it will receive quite a bit of publicity and more people will sign up to play!

How to Use Your Poker Bonus Code

Using your bonus code is quick and easy and most sites will walk you through the process. However, we will give you a brief tutorial on how to use your bonus code. First, make sure you use the code exactly how it appears. For example, if the code is NewDay10, do not enter NewDayTen. If you enter the code incorrectly, it will not work and often you will not get another chance to use it.

For a new player bonus code, you will need to enter this upon registering. First, you will need to download the poker client for the site you wish to play at. Upon installing the program on your computer, you need to launch it and you will be prompted with a login box. On that box, click register for new account.

You will then be walked through the process of setting up a new account. One of the field should be either Bonus Code, Promotion Code or something similar. Enter your code here and complete your registration. In most cases, you will receive your bonus right away. If you do not, make sure to check the terms to make sure there isn’t a delay for verification or contact customer support.

For deposit bonus codes, you will do this from the cashier. First, launch your online poker client and login. After logging in, click on the Cashier button in the lobby and then click on the deposit button. One of the fields in the next window should be Bonus Code, Promotion Code or something similar.

Enter your code into this box and follow the instructions for making a deposit.  Please note that most sites will list your bonus funds from a deposit bonus as “pending funds” until you actually clear the bonus.

There are some sites that will directly credit your bonus funds directly to your account. In this case, they are available for play but you cannot withdraw them until you have wagered them a set number to times, often 20x the amount of the deposit plus bonus funds.

4 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Use a Poker Bonus Code

While the prospect of receiving free money in the terms of a poker bonus is exciting, you should slow your roll and make sure that you understand all the terms behind the deal. Below are four things to keep in mind before you use a poker bonus code.

🌟 Most online poker sites offer multiple promotion codes and sometimes each code offers different rewards. Make sure you shop around for the best promotional code available.

🌟 You will only be able to use a bonus code one time when you signup for a new poker account or when you make your initial deposit. As such, make sure you have chosen the rewards you really want. Once you register, it is too late unless there is a technical problem with the code.  In case of reload bonuses, these often can be used multiple times.

🌟 All poker bonuses have a time limit. In most cases, you must complete the terms of the bonus within 30 to 60 days or you will lose your bonus. This often means putting in more volume than you plan. This time limit also applies to secondary rewards such as freeroll tickets or tournament entries. Every promotion will have a set of rules attached and you should read them.

🌟 Do your research on the site you’re about to play at before you register for an account. Check reviews from multiple sites to get a better idea of what to expect. Don’t rely on reviews from one site to make your decision as many sites will write biased opinions because they are affiliates with the site.

Best Poker Bonus Sites

You may notice that the best online poker bonus offers come from some of the top online poker sites. For example, PokerStars’ signup bonus is larger than most others you will find on other sites.

With that said, 888 Poker’s no deposit poker bonus in Canada, Australia, and UK is among the best you will find in the industry. Their no deposit bonus is one of the few that do not require a bonus code.

Below is a list of the sites with the best online poker bonus offers. Review the terms of each carefully to ensure you get the maximum value possible when you signup.

These are the best 2018 poker bonus offers: