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Zoltan Gal Takes Down Eureka Vienna Main Event

After five days of play, the biggest Eureka tournament to date has come to its natural end – with one player holding all the chips and others probably regretting their missed opportunities or bemoaning their bad luck. That one player standing with his head held high tonight is Hungarian Zoltan Gal, who banked €208,655 for his performance in the magnificent Hofburg Palace. His last obstacle was Andreas Freund, hailing from Austria, who came into the heads-up battle with a nearly 3:1 chip deficit with his 7.6 million in chips playing Gal’s 20.7 million. Although there was a little back and forth movement in chips, Andreas never really managed to close the gap.

With about 25 big blinds in his stack, Freund was more than happy to get his chips in the middle with pocket eights, but was soon disappointed to see that he was far behind Gal’s pocket 10s. As the board ran #6c #7s #7d #Kh #6h, it was lights out for Freund. The last player eliminated, he still banked €174,655.

The reason prize money was distributed differently than it was announced when registration closed is that the last two players made a deal when heads-up play started, putting aside €10,000 for the winner.

Poland’s Blazej Przygorzewski finished in third place despite being the chip leader for a long time three-handed. Cards simply decided not to cooperate, as he lost several showdowns in a row and was eventually knocked out by Gal in a blind vs. blind confrontation. Three-handed play took quite some time, as clearly neither of the two players would go out and in the end it was Przygorzewski who had to come to terms with the fact that tonight was simply not his night – although the €98,210 he received in prize money might help to alleviate that feeling a bit.

Despite coming into today’s final table as a chip leader, things did not work out all that well for Markus Stoger. The Austrian finished his final table performance in fifth spot, taking home €56,600. Bryan Paris (USA) experienced a similar fate, as he started the day a very close second in chips, yet made it only to fourth place, which was good for €72,230.

Greek Stavros Kalfas finished in 6th, banking €42,230, Germany’s Erik Scheidt took home €33,090 for his 7th place finish, while another player hailing from Poland, Robert Malinowski, busted first from the final table and still got a nice payday in the form of €23,430.

Zoltan certainly has something to be proud of, as outplaying the field of more than 1,400 players is quite an accomplishment. At 27 years young, he mostly plays high stakes cash games online. This was his biggest live tournament result to date and could be the breakthrough that the semi-pro (as he refers to himself) has long been awaiting!

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