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WSOP Main Event – Tom Dwan, Gus Hansen Miss Main Event to Play Chinese Poker

If I had a spare £10,000 lying around, I’d probably go off on a holiday somewhere sunny, buy that new motor bike I’ve been eyeing or, if I’m feeling really sensible, save it away in a high interest bond. One thing I definitely wouldn’t be doing is buying into the biggest poker tournament in the world and not even showing up! But this is an option in the world of high stakes pros.

Tom Dwan and Gus Hansen didn’t show up for the first day of the main event, instead deciding to let their stacks blind down. At the start of day two, both players show up late, with their stack hovering around 18000 from the 30000 staring stack. It didn’t take too long for both players to blow through their remain 35 big blinds and hit the rail, unsurprisingly taking plenty of risk in an effort to recoup their losses. Their reason for missing day one? They were getting better action somewhere else.

According to Dwan’s twitter the pair was sucked into a massive Vegas cash game, reportedly $3000-a-point open faced game of Chinese poker. For those unfamiliar with Chinese poker, open-face plays much larger than regular. Both players have had a disappointing WSOP this year, with Hansen cashing once, and Dwan not cashing at all. Clearly for these guys WSOP bracelets are not a priority, money is. Why play against 6000 players over 10 days, when you can win when you can win hundreds of thousands in a single hand of Chinese poker? At the very least, this gives us an interesting insight into the minds of super high stakes players.

I’m sure they happily went home after busting and went straight back to the nosebleed games on Full Tilt.

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