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WSOP Event #2 Goes to Pope

He had a commanding chip lead at the start of the final table, and Trevor Pope never relinquished it en route to winning the WSOP $5,000 No Limit / Eight Handed event last night.

There was no stopping Pope on the last day of play as he eliminated six of the seven other players at the final table to take out the event, its $553,906 cash prize and his first ever WSOP Gold Bracelet. Pope knocked out the first three players on the final table; David Peters, Brandon Meyers and Dan Kelly, which boosted his stack to just under four million.

Pope briefly took a break from knocking players out of the table and eventual second place getter David Vamplew took his place. Vamplew eliminated Jamie Armstrong in fifth spot after his Ace Queen dominated Armstrong’s Ace Three. While Armstrong did hit a Three on the flop, Vamplew also hit a Queen, which gave him the hand.

It would not be long before Pope got back to his knock out ways as he eliminated the final three players in the event. The first of those to go was Jared Hamby, who went out in fourth place. Hamby, who had Ace King, dominated Pope’s Ace Jack of Diamonds pre flop, but the Eight of Diamonds, Eight of Hearts and Five of Diamonds gave Pope an Ace high flush draw to give him a chance at winning the hand.

The Nine of Diamonds on the turn gave Pope the flush he needed and Hamby was finished, with the Five of Hearts of river doing nothing to help him.

Pope would then eliminate Darryll Fish from the tourney in third place. Fish, who had Pocket Nines, moved all in pre flop for 375,000 which was called by Pope, who had Jack Eight off suit. No Jack came up on the board, which meant the Nines held to give Pope the hand, leaving him and David Vamplew as the final two in the event.

With 6,665,000 chips to his name going into heads-up play, Pope absolutely dominated Vamplew and his stack of 550,000 on the chip count. While Vamplew was able to double up, it was not enough to put Pope in any grave danger and he was eventually eliminated in second place.

In the final hand of the tournament, Pope reraised Vamplew all in pre flop, which Vamplew called. Pope showed Pocket Fives while Vamplew showed Ace Six off suit. He was behind, but had a number of outs that could have won him the hand and potentially have kept him in the game.

The Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts and Jack of Clubs kept Pope’s hand dominant, as did the Seven of Clubs on the turn. The Four of Clubs on the river gave Pope the hand and Vamplew was knocked out in second place.

The $553,906 cash prize is Pope’s biggest poker cash win by far, with his previous biggest win being $155,571. The WSOP Gold Bracelet is also the first ever won by Pope.

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