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WSOP Daily Report: Six-Handed Bracelet Still Up For Grabs, James Woods’ Honorary Bracelet

There should have been another World Series of Poker gold bracelet handed out today. But Belgian Pierre Neuville had other plans after ten levels of play. He had only one opponent to shoot down in his bracelet hunt in Kevin “Easter” Eyster, but instead he chose to take a much-needed rest.

The American had the upper hand with a 2-to-1 chip advantage over the Belgian and couldn’t convince his opponent to play one more level. So he has to wait until later today to make the final run towards gold.

What should have been the final day of Event #24: $5,000 No-Limit Hold’Em Six-Handed turned out to be another marathon. The remaining 17 started the action in a hurry with WSOP 3K Shootout winner Kory Kilpatrick hitting the rail after being “showered” by Mustapha Kanit.

“You showered me,” Kilpatrick told Kanit when he saw that his dominant #ah#qd preflop hand had taken a bad beat. “I told you. I said I’d shower you,” Kanit confirmed, according to PokerNews Live Reporting. What’s this “showering” all about? It’s actually a shortcut from the phrase “hit the showers” to “showers” to just “showering.”

Griffin Benger hit the showers next followed by Mark Darner, Jay Dragland, Greg Merson, Amanda Musumeci, Pratyush Buddiga, Bryon Kaverman, Matt Jarvis, Fabrice Touil, and Kanit. And just like that, it was shorthanded final table time.

And with Neuville’s stack becoming shorter and shorter, the Belgian decided to make a move. He shoved all-in over Andrew Lichtenberger‘s open-raise with #ac#qh. Widely known as “luckychewy,” Lichtenberger had #7s#7c but couldn’t dodge a live-saving rivered queen. From that moment on, Neuville started picking up his aggression to eventually take the chip lead.

David Borrat and Jeremy Kottler hit the rail in sixth and fifth places, respectively, while Bryan Kenney was eliminated in fourth. Kenney shoved his whole stack over Neuville’s initial raise but was disappointed to see that his #ad#5c was dominated by his opponent’s #ah#9d. The board confirmed the domination and eliminated Kenney in fourth place.

A little while later came a big river shove by the hands of the Belgian. In a tightly-contested pot against Lichtenberger, Neuville took a hearty swig of water and announced: “All-in.” His opponent was left in awe and decided to fold his hand.

Lichtenberger couldn’t recover from that big blow and was the next to fall in third place after trying to bluff-catch Kevin Eyster on the river.

Heads-up, Neuville started strong but Eyster came from behind to take the lead. He couldn’t wrap up the tourney, though, as his opponent decided to called it quits…for now.

In the other no-limit tournament of the day, Event #26 – $1,500 NLHE, Dan Smith built a stack worthy of second place in the last 12 chip leaderboard. Ryan Welch will enter the final day with the commanding lead and is the only player left with a million-chip stack.

Phil Hellmuth couldn’t outlast Smith and finished the event in 29th place. Like always, he called his opponents idiots after being raised on the river. “Are you kidding me?” he said after seeing the move, folding his hand in disgust. Four hours later, he was done for the night after calling the turn with his last chips with just top pair and a weak kicker.

And we can’t finish the report without mentioning two other non-no-limit events – Event #27: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. and Event #28: $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold’Em. In the H.O.R.S.E. event, actor James Woods brought up an interesting proposition to his tablemates:

I think they should give away an honorary bracelet once a year to someone in the poker community who hasn’t won a bracelet but because of their contributions to the game, deserves some recognition. Like they do at the Academy Award with an honorary Oscar.”

And the first nomination goes to…Chad Brown, according to the actor, referring to the well-known poker pro and TV commentator who is going through a struggle with cancer.

Woods didn’t stick for long to share his idea. Others like Huck Seed, Dutch Boyd, Adam Friedman, “Fossilman” Greg Raymer, Richard Ahsby, Tom McEvoy, Jonathan Duhamel, and Phil Ivey will take their stacks to Day 2.

Last but not least, after a hard one-round penalty that eventually sent him to the rail, Mike Matusow was all smiles in the $10,000 PLH event. He once again cheered loudly with several players jokingly calling for a penalty. “I could go to bed right now and wake up still at the top of the chip counts,” “The Mouth” responded.

He is one of the players who will return to Day 2 along with chip leader Tony Ruberto, plus other big names like John Juanda, Alex Bilokur, Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari, and Chino Rheem.

Will Matusow get another penalty? Will James Woods’ idea be taken seriously? Also, who will prevail in the 6-max event? To find out all the answers, be sure to check PokerUpdate in the next few days.

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