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WSOP Ante No Limit Event Goes to Volpe

The WSOP has kept on going strong as the month of June nears it end, with Ben Volpe being the latest WSOP Gold Bracelet winner. Volpe took out the $1,500 Ante Only No Limit Hold’Em event, winning his first ever WSOP bracelet and $123,452 for his stellar play.

The first player to be eliminated from the final table was Samuel Panzica who lost a showdown against Paul Lieu after being outkicked by the tournament’s eventual runner up. He was followed by Danny Johnson, who was knocked out of the tournament in eighth place by Blair Hinkle after Hinkle hit a full house.

Hinkle then claimed his second successive final table scalp after eliminating Adam Stone from the event in seventh place. Hinkle called the short stack’s all in with Queen Five off suit, which was ahead of Stone’s Jack Six off suit. Hinkle’s hand held on the board and Stone was sent packing from the table.

Horacio Chaves was the next player to be eliminated, which was also at the hands of Lieu. Chaves went all in with Ace Queen off suit and was called by Lieu, who had Pocket Kings. The Kings held on the board and Chaves was knocked out of the event in sixth spot.

Lieu then overtook Hinkle in the final table scalps tally after he knocked Chris Moorman out of the event, making it three scalps for him. Lieu hit a Two Pair on the flop, which beat Moorman’s single pair which ended his time in the tournament while putting the final table down to its last four players.

It would then be three knock outs in a row for Lieu after he eliminated Hinkle from the tournament in fourth spot. Hinkle went all in pre flop with Ace Three of Hearts and was called by Lieu, who showed Pocket Queens before the flop was shown. Lieu hit a set on the flop when one of the three cards shown was a Queen. That effectively sealed the hands as he won and knocked Hinkle out of the event in fourth place.

Third place went to Louis Bonnecaze after he lost his last hand of the event to the eventual winner. Bonnecaze hit a pair of Sixes on the flop while Volpe had a pair of Queens, which ended up holding on the board after Jacks came on the turn and the river.

That elimination left Volpe and Lieu in heads-up play and neither player was willing to lose easily. The lead seesawed a number of time between both players, but Volpe eventually took the lead en route to taking out the event.

Victory for Volpe was sealed after Lieu went all in following a flop that showed Two of Diamonds, Eight of Clubs and Ace of Clubs. Volpe had a flush draw with Six Three of Clubs and called the all in.

With Ace Four off suit, Lieu was ahead and he stayed that way when the turn showed the Ten of Diamonds, meaning that the river had to be a club if Volpe was to win the tournament. He got what he wished for as the last card shown on the board was the King of Clubs, giving Volpe the hand and first place.

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