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WSOP 2014: Big One for One Drop is Underway

A long awaited Event #57, Big One for One Drop tournament has started couple hours ago. With $1 million buy in, this is without a shadow of a doubt, the most expensive poker tournament in the world. Envisioned by Guy Laliberte, philanthropic owner of the famous Circe de Soleil, the tournament takes out $111,111 from the every entry as a donation for the One Drop Foundation that strives to provide clean water for those in need.

The event is capped at 56 players, and when cards were finally in the air tonight, after the opening ceremony, 43 players were registered, including two satellite winners from the last night, Connor Drinnan and Erick Lindgren, who got their seats through the $25,000 satellite.

We’ve written about the One Drop already on several occasions, getting into the spirit of things, but now the wheels are finally in motion. Antonio Esfandiari, last year’s winner, is there, looking for a repeat performance. Phil Ivey is coming fresh from his tenth bracelet win and Daniel Negreanu is maybe not fully focused, as he follows the progress of his personal assistant, Patty Landis, on the final table of the Ladies Championship.

Players have started with three million in chips in their stacks, and with blinds of 3,000 / 6,000, meaning they start off playing 500 blinds deep. This should guarantee a more cautious and slower play during the early levels. That said, the event already had one elimination, as David Einhorn fell victim to Sam Trickett.

Although everyone was in shock to see a player leave within the first hour of the action, that’s exactly what happened after Einhorn and Trickett saw the flop of #2h#jc#6d. Trickett called the bet from Einhorn, holding #4c#5c and they saw the turn come #3s, making Trickett the absolute and well concealed nuts. This spelled trouble for Einhorn, who flopped a top set with his #jd#js. More chips went in on the turn, but last raise came from Einhorn, as Trickett decided to just call. After river came #qc, changing nothing, David Einhron led out, Trickett moved all in, his opponent made the call and was shocked to see that the one million dollars worth of chips has just gone into the flames.

Late registration will remain open for this event for the standard six levels and we should see couple more players taking their seats. One player has already used the benefits of late registration, and that player is Gabe Kaplan who was wondering last night whether to “1 drop or not to 1 drop”, and apparently decided to drop.

Couple fun and exciting days of poker is ahead of us ending with one of the players walking away with the huge amount of money (how much money exactly is yet to be determined). But the One Drop Foundation will also be receiving a hefty donation of several million dollars, so there will be a lot of happy faces. But before that, there will be a lot of disappointed faces who, like Einhorn, will be sent to the rail wondering if they should have done something different and what got into them to pay $1,000,000 to play a single tournament.

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