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Winner Crowned at Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open

After a long heads-up match Blair Hinkle has been crowned winner of the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open.  The heads-up battle lasted over 150 hands and saw the match swing back and forth allowing each player to gain the upper hand numerous times, before Hinkle was able to deal the final blow when his KT made a straight to eliminate Justin Bonomo who could only muster a pair of queens.

The first part of the day that lead up to the long heads-up match was pretty short with 4 players eliminated in just 58 hands.  Mukul Pahuja was eliminated in 3rd place when he picked up unlucky time to 4-bet shove into Justin Bonomo.  Pahuja had KT, but his hand was no match for the AT of Bonomo and heads up started with both players about even in chips.  The most important note though was that both had 140+bb’s which is a lot of play for any point in the tournament, but especially starting HU for nearly $1.75 million in prize money.

Blair Hinkle jumped out to a quick lead building about a 2:1 chip lead on Bonomo before Bonomo was able to stage a comeback.  Bonomo was then able to gain a commanding lead having a 4:1 chip lead a number of times and looked poised to win the tournament and the $1.75 million, but he was just not able to close the deal despite being the more aggressive player.  There were many times during the match where he would reel off 6 or 7 straight wins by just being way more aggressive than his counterpart.  It was not enough though, as Blair Hinkle managed to get the better of Bonomo when it mattered most, and took the tournament down.

This is setting up to be a very good couple of months for Hinkle as I mentioned in my article yesterday.  He is set up to get his $1 million from Full Tilt account sometime in November and now has another $1.75 million to pad his bankroll even more.  For Bonomo it’s another near miss, but another $1 million score.  For both it’s still a successful tournament, but one of these guys will be much happier going to bed tonight.

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