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Will Givens Makes a ‘Deja Vu’ Run for the Bracelet

WSOP Event #45 may have started with 1841 runners, but the number of players returning today for the conclusion was only eleven. One of them was Will Givens, who had his shot at the bracelet in nearly the same $1,000 event a week ago, but his luck ran out on him during the final table and he eventually finished in fourth. This time, however, he made it all the way.

The first two players were eliminated rather quickly and the stage was set for the official final table of nine. Falling just short of that goal was one of the two ladies remaining in the field, Kim Ng. Kim was eliminated by Givens in the all-time cooler spot where her pocket Kings were only the second best hand to Givens’ pocket Aces.

Givens would eliminate the next player as well, when his turned flush sent Loren Klein to the rail in 9th place. Following him in short succession was Ivan Saul who got his very short stack in against two players and as Patrick Curzio’s #ad#qs held all the way as the best hand, Saul was ousted in eighth place.

After Saul’s exit, another lady at the table took things in her hands as she eliminated next two players, Dmitrii Shchepkin in seventh and Duy Ho in sixth place. This gave a real boost to her stack and she seized quite a significant chip lead over the remaining four players.

Givens claimed the next knockout as he and Patrick Curzio got it all in on the flop of #10h#3s#ah and Givens’ advantage with #as#qd over Curzio’s #ac#6s held through the turn and river, to send Curzio out in 5th place, $69,000 richer. After this, Prada-Moed took control once again and sent David Hass ($94,559) to the rail after her pocket Fives held up against #ah#8c of Hass.

Paul Sokoloff fought long and hard and actually managed to take over the chip lead from Angela for a while, but his chips eventually found a way to Givens’ stack. When Will Givens finally took the last of it after winning a flip with #7d#7h against Sokoloff’s #ah9h and sent him to the rail to claim his $131,110, Givens would enter the heads-up with more than 3:1 advantage over Prada-Moed.

Angela Prada-Moed started off well, and it seemed like she might actually even the odds, but never really picked up momentum after that, as Givens continued to win pots. In the last hand of the tournament, the two saw the flop peel #jd#ac#8c and Prada-Moed moved all in. After some deliberation, Givens made the call with #ks#jc and got the good news, as his opponent turned over #qc#4c for a flush draw.

Board ran #ad and #6h, not helping Prada-Moed and her bracelet dream vanished into the thin air, as she was the official runner up, eligible to receive the prize of $189,632. Will Givens could finally start celebrating. What eluded him a week ago was now his – his first gold bracelet and another $306,600 to add to his summer winnings.

Givens felt good about this tournament, especially after returning for Day 3 to the same table and the same seat he was in when they were down to two tables last week. For him, in many ways it felt like the destiny, he admitted in the interview for the after the tournament.

Destiny or not, Will Givens is certainly having a great Series this summer, with more than $400,000 in winnings, and he has just booked his first six-figure score. What is in store for him next?

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