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Viktor Blom Sees Success at Full Tilt Nosebleed Games

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom rose to fame during battles with the likes of Dwan, Antonius, and Ivey at the pre-Black Friday Full Tilt nosebleed tables. He was known for massive swings, a hyper-aggressive style, and a mysterious persona that captivated the online poker world. Since revealing his identity and the fall of Full Tilt Poker, Blom has experienced mixed results on and off the online felt, including a brief stint with PokerStars. Now Blom has returned to the online site that catapulted his rise to fame and has announced his presence with a fiery massacre.

Since the relaunch of the new Full Tilt Poker, Blom has crushed his opponents for $5.6 million and has claimed the top spot amongst the money leaders. According to HighStakesDB, he has also accrued $5.2 million in profit since the beginning of 2013.

Blom brought in the New Year with $1.86 million in winnings over the first four days of 2013. He started his upswing with a $400k thrashing of Alexander “PostFlopAction” Kostritsyn while playing heads up across four Triple Draw and one FLO8 tables. Isildur continued his run with another massive win over Scott “Mastrblastr” Seiver. After several losing sessions against Seiver, Blom beat his opponent for $392k at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables over 500 hands. He continued his heater by crushing nosebleed regular SallyWoo for over $275k at the Omaha Hi Lo tables. Blom finished his prodigious run with a $342k bashing of Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon at the $2k/$4k FLO8 tables.

Even with his massive start to 2013, Blom topped his achievements on January 8 with the largest single day win in online poker since Black Friday. Isildur posted a profit of $1,356,296 against two of the elite players in the game. Blom’s day started with a $317k win over Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond over a short session of $250/$500 PLO. His dominance over Galfond would continue at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, where $132k was exchanged over a half hour session. However, the highlight of the historic day was the battle between last year’s biggest winner Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky and Blom. 

Isildur and Sauce battled at the $400/$800 PLO with antes tables for nearly 500 hands. After the session, Isildur had claimed $743k in winnings and took 8 of 10 biggest pots of the contest. Blom captured the biggest pot of the session by turning his flopped two pair into the nuts by the river. After being 3-bet by Sulsky, Blom took the betting lead in position over the next two streets before hitting the nut flush on the river. Sulsky was unfortunate to bet into the nuts and found himself committed to the call after Blom shoved. The total pot was over $428k.

Sauce123 and Isildur continued the battle over the next few days with Blom taking a massive lead in 2013. The sessions included a $600k win for Isildur just days ago. Blom also managed to take a massive chunk out of Alex “IreadYourSoul/Kanu7” Millar’s bankroll with a $700k win at the nosebleed NLHE tables.

Viktor Blom’s amazing run since Full Tilt’s relaunch has been highlighted by his success at the various games in the high stakes realm. Although he is experienced in both No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha, Blom recently learned to play fixed limit games like 2-7 Triple Draw. Blom has displayed his prodigious talents over the past couple months by beating the world’s best players in these fixed limit games. As 2013 moves forward, the poker world will once again have its eyes on the famed Swede and his online exploits. For now, the start of 2013 has signaled the year of the Isildur ninja.

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