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Unibet Open Day 2 so far

Day 2 of the Unibet Open has reached the dinner break. As the players walk away from the table, tournament staff is busily counting chips for the official update.  According to the current information available, there are 62 players still remaining in the field and 45 of them will reach the money today. That also means that there will be 17 disappointed contenders, but it’s the nature of the beast.

The play today was fast and furious and action was not lacking as chips were flying around the room. Kassem Yassine, the reigning champion, has unfortunately fallen in the heat of battle. He will not be reaching the final table and is denied the opportunity of successfully defending his title.

Danes are still going strong, as they make up 70% of the top 10, or at least that’s how things looked after level 13 was completed. Frederik Jansen, who was holding the lead for most of the day, has been struggling as of late. But his stack is still very healthy at 240,000.

Fun is apparently not lacking away from the tables either, as a Swedish contingent of players gathered at a local Ping Pong bar in Copenhagen for some friendly action. It has become somewhat of a tradition to organize fun sporting competitions among Swedish players at Unibet events and it seems everyone is enjoying themselves. The final Ping Pong match featured Johan Vallgren and the football legend Tomas Brolin. Eliminated at the poker tables on Day 1A, Brolin will not be taking this trophy home either, as Vallgren managed to seize the day despite Brolin’s masterful play.

As for the tournament, Hungarian Emil Hegedus will be leading the way with 600,000 in chips when we return. He is followed by two Danes, Wrang with 510,000 and Petersen with 468,000. Action will certainly be heated as the bubble approaches. It seems that there are no more Unibet Ambassadors in the field, as Quentin Lecomte has been eliminated.

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