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Unibet Open Day 1A Summary

After 9 levels of play, Day 1A of the Unibet Open has drawn to its conclusion. In total, 198 players hit the felt today, all keeping their eyes on the prize. But as is always the case with poker tournaments, only a few will walk away happy, others will have to seek their opportunities in some other events.

Some of the names that did not make it through the day include Tomas Brolin, the Unibet Ambassador, Rasmus Nielsen, and two-time Unibet Open in-the-money finisher Tomasz Kozub. As for those still in, Henri Kovisto from Finland leads the way with 231,500 in chips, followed by Sweden’s own Andreas Matila sitting on 177,400, and Denmark’s Pierre Christensen with 173,000.  Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen unfortunately did not make it through the field today, so we will not have the pleasure of watching him during Day 2 action that starts on Saturday. A total of 75 players will bring their chips back onto the tables on Day 2 and join tomorrow’s Day 1B survivors.

Unibet certainly did not disappoint anyone with their setup. The tournament venue looks truly majestic in every sense, and the overall atmosphere in and around the poker room seems great. The free welcome drinks for all the players certainly helped with keeping up the good spirits.

The play for Day 1B will start tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. and as the tournament has already been sold out, we will certainly see a full house once again. Apart from that, an Omaha Flips Championship is scheduled for 8:00 p.m., which is bound to be a lot of fun. At 9:00 p.m., a Turbo PLO event gets underway. With all that action taking place tomorrow, the room will certainly be even more packed than today.

Poker action aside (as crazy as it may sound during the poker tournament), the story of the day was Tomas Brolin. Although he did not make it into Day 2, the man is a living legend and, according to many, the best Swedish soccer player to have ever walked the Earth. Nowadays he enjoys playing an occasional poker tournament for the competitive spirit, but it is probably safe to say that he will remain much better known for his fame from the bigger green “felt.”

Everybody’s now looking forward to Day 1B. Some will get their chance to play, others will have some time to rest, and us fans will get to enjoy the always great action that big tournaments provide. Do not forget to tune up with for a live stream of the event. I promise the sight of the place alone is enough to keep your attention, never mind the cards flying through the air and the raffling of the chips.

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