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Unibet Open Day 1A Preview

Already with the start of Day 1A, the Unibet Open in Copenhagen had no problems reaching its quota of 400 players. As the cards started flying through the air, all the seats in the room were occupied and everyone was ready for action. There is even an alternates list for today and tomorrow, for up to 25 registrants for each day.

Some of the most notable names in the bunch are certainly Dan Glimne, Tim Verbon and Tomasz Kozub. But one face seems to be attracting the most attention – that of Mickey Peterson, to the wider audience better known as “mement_mori.” With numerous live final table appearances, Peterson’s live cashes are in the vicinity of €1,000,000. However, he is much more famous for his online achievements. Still in his early twenties, “mement_mori” has more than $6 million in online cashes to his name and half a million comes from his SCOOP showings alone. He is certainly one of the players to keep a close eye on for the remainder of the event.

For those not fortunate enough to go deep in the Main Event or not knowing what to do with their time as they wait for Day 1B tomorrow, Copenhagen has a lot to offer. If you are looking for fine cuisine, you may want to visit local restaurants like “Noma,” which has been named the finest restaurant in the world more than once.

Those looking for some recreation can take a bike ride, as Copenhagen is one of the friendliest cities in the world for people who enjoy biking and there are numerous bike-rental companies. If going around town on foot is more your style, you could visit the “freetown” of Christiania, which is home to about 1,000 artists, musicians and others looking for an alternative lifestyle.

Copenhagen also abounds with all types of clubs and places with different kinds of music and atmosphere, so those looking to spend a fun night out will certainly not be disappointed.

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