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UKIPT Nottingham Gets Underway

The starting flights of the UKIPT Nottingham Main Event have been completed and 191 players have made the cut to Day 2 of the event.

That is less than half of the 458 total entries of the three flights, proof that play in the Main Event has so far been highly competitive to say the least.

Day 1a and 1b were relatively quiet, as both of those starting flights saw a combined total of 193 players take to the felt. However, as is the case in most poker events, players came out in droves on the third and last starting flight of the tournament, with 265 players turning out on Day 1c.

Mitch Johnson led all players on Day 1A and he also tops the overall chip ladder at the end of all starting flights with a stack of 171,500 chips. David Price is not too far behind him, with 156,600 to his name, good enough for the second highest stack of the event. Spaniard Benjamin Garcia Rivera, who led on Day 1c, will enter the second day of play with the third biggest stack with 135,000 chips.

Another player who made the cut to Day 2 is Terry Etim. The 27-year-old is known among MMA fans, especially those in the UK, as a fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Etim’s six-year career in the UFC ended earlier this year, but he was snapped up by rival promotion Bellator and won his first fight for that organisation just eight days ago.

The Liverpoolian, who won his first 10 MMA fights, will be hoping to replicate that win at the UKIPT Nottingham in the next few days. He’s in a solid position to do so, going into Day 2 with 55,300 chips to his name. It’s not a huge stack, but it still puts him in the top half of the ladder at the end of Day 1.

Johnson won a big hand towards the end of Day 1a that thrust him into the chip lead. It came against the ‘Greek Jack’ Kyriacos Dionysiou in a pot that totalled a little less than 100,000. Dionysiou went all-in after the flop with an open ended-draw (King-Jack starting hand, Queen-Ten on the flop) and was called by Johnson, who had a pair of Queens with a Seven kicker.

The pair held on the rest of the board and put Johnson in a great position going into Day 2 of the Main Event.  

One of the most epic hands of the starting flights came on Day 1c and belonged to Emmett Mullin. He won around 30,000 chips from Milorad Dobrijevic after hitting a straight flush on the river. Mullin’s hand was looking good when the flop revealed the Jack of Hearts and Ten of Hearts (he held Queen-Nine of Hearts) and the King of Hearts on the river was what he needed.

Unfortunately for Dobrijevic, he had pocket Aces, which are always hard to fold especially when your opponent bets just enough chips for one to want to call.

The prize pool for the Main Event was released during the late stages of Day 1c. The top 71 players of the event will be paid, with the winner standing to earn £100,000 (around US$163,700) for their efforts.

The runner-up in the Main Event will get £60,450 (around US$99,000) while the first player to be knocked out of the final table (ninth place) will go home with £8,400 (around US$13,750).

As always, PokerUpdate will keep its readers up to date with the results of the UKIPT Nottingham Main Event as the tournament progresses in the coming days.

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