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UK Pub Poker Champion Wins Big in Vegas

Northumberland’s Bobby Regan has claimed the UK Pub Championship in Las Vegas, netting himself a cool £5,000 in prize winnings along the way.

The 25-year-old beat thousands from across the country to claim the Vegas 100 Redtooth Poker title as part of the Last Orders pub on Regent Street, Blyth, Tuesday night poker league.

The cash prize was a significant milestone for Regan who is a relative newcomer to the game, having only played on season in the league following a year of local, regional, national and online tournaments back in the UK.

“I played a little poker growing up, but it’s only in the last few years when I started playing more regularly with friends and online,” Regan told Chronicle Live. “The Last Orders poker league is good fun and I’ve met a lot of great new people there.”

His win in Vegas came at the end of an intense 12-hour session at the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas where he was pitted against a hundred other opponents playing in the Redtooth Poker league – the largest poker league of its kind in the UK.

“Since Vegas 100 was created, it has simply grown and grown,” Redtooth’s managing director, Martin Green said. “Bobby’s success is an example of how the tournament can offer a unique opportunity for everyone to enjoy.”

For Regan, this could be the start of many tournaments to come. This was the first time the Northumberland native has left the UK since he was a kid and had to get a passport especially to attend the tournament in Las Vegas.

“I had to sort out a passport very quickly and a lot of work was done in order for me to travel to America, so I am delighted it all paid off,” said Regan. “I hope to get more involved in poker tournaments across the country and it would be a dream to start playing professionally. But it’s just good to enjoy winning this tournament and I’ve had great support from family and friends.”

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