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TV star Tony “Bond18” Dunst cleans up the WPT Caribbean final table and steals the show in St. Maarten

It was his time to shine! TV show “Raw Deal” presenter and World Poker Tour (WPT) commentator Tony Dunst finally got his wish and won his first ever WPT Main Event. And he did it in style, taking by storm the Casino Royale in St. Maarten and building a huge chip lead just like in a James Bond movie.

Dunst started the final day with a slim lead over Austrian Severin Schleser. But he caught fire quickly and eliminated one opponent after another. Robert Bakker was the first to feel the wrath of Dunst. He finished sixth after flopping top set; the TV star, however, made a flush on the river and smooth-called Bakker’s last street all-in. Zoltan Purak was the next victim; he was the shortstack of the table with under 10 big blinds and open raised all-in from the cutoff with pocket eights. Dunst had Ace-Queen suited in the big blind and called. The flop brought the American a flush draw and nine extra outs besides the six Aces and Queens. The river saved Dunst once again and gave him the bigger pair.

After Marvin Rettenmaier finished fourth, Tony fired another bullet out of position, four-betting with Ace-King after an open raise by the Italian Giacomo Fundaro and a three-bet by Schleser. Schleser moved all-in but got himself in a lot of trouble, his Ace-Queen hand being clearly dominated by Ace-King. The flop gave the WPT commentator a pair of kings and the player from Austria left St. Maarten with a decent third place finish and a $63,500 prize.

The heads-up was almost a formality for Dunst; he had a huge 5-to-1 chip advantage over Fundaro. But the Italian didn’t just hand over the top spot that easily. He doubled-up quickly in a pot with both players holding flushes. The American recovered immediately and took down a huge pot with a full house. With 10 big blinds left, Fundaro had to call an all-in raise with King-Three suited. Dunst flopped two pair, won the final pot of the Main Event and with it $145,000 plus a spot on the WPT Champions trophy.

This is not his biggest cash; he won $193,720 in the 2008 Bellagio Cup IV showdown and $168,556 in the 2010 WSOP Main Event. He had four WPT cashes and one final table before St. Maarten. Overall, he has over $1 million in live tournament winnings, according to But that’s not all. Dunst has also won big in the online world. He has over 1,000 cashes on PokerStars and Full Tilt under his nickname “Bond18” and won more than $1.8 million online prior to Black Friday, per PocketFives stats.

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