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Tristan Bain Wins APT Sydney

The Asian Poker Tour Sydney is now over and Tristan Bain is the player who came out on top and took first place in the event.

Bain beat a field of 649 entries to win $281,685 for his stellar play at the event, which was billed as the largest ever live poker tournament held in Sydney.

The Australian had the third highest chip count when the final table was formed on the last day of play, but it did not take him long to get the chip lead.

Trevor Saunders was the first player to be eliminated from the final table and was also the first of Bain’s many final table scalps. Saunders was all-in with Ace-Jack and was up against the pocket Jacks of Bain, which held on the board to give him the hand.

Next to go was WSOP Asia Pacific gold bracelet winner Jim Collopy, who ended up being Bain’s second straight scalp of the final table. With pocket Kings, Collopy had a huge lead over Bain’s Jack-Six before the board was shown. However, Bain hit trip Jacks on the turn and improved to a full house on the river.

Daryl Hussey then claimed a scalp of his own when he eliminated Glenn McConnell in seventh spot. It came when McConnell’s King-Queen went up against Hussey’s pocket Sevens, which stayed good to win him the hand and put the event down to six players.

That soon was reduced to five players after Bain struck again. This time it was Amir Minagar who was knocked out from the event after his pocket Sixes were unable to improve against the eventual winner’s pocket Queens.

Bain then went on to claim his fourth final table scalp after he eliminated Tony Sama from the event. It came as Sama went all-in against Bain’s pocket Aces, which held on the board to boost his chip stack even more and put the event down its last four players.

It was then Hussey’s turn to strike again when he knocked Luca Borreggine from the event. Borreggine went all-in with Ace-Eight and found himself being outkicked when Hussey showed Ace-Jack, which remained the dominant hand after the board was dealt.

That win was of little help to Hussey, however, as he was the next player to be eliminated. Like the majority of final table eliminations, Hussey’s exit also came at the hands of Bain, whose pocket Sevens stayed ahead of Hussey’s pocket Sixes to knock him out of the event in third place.

Hussey’s elimination left Bain and Brent Nichols in heads-up play, with the momentum having been heavily in Bain’s favour when play began. However, Nichols did not give up and he clawed back to have a roughly even chip stack at the peak of play.

Nichols’ determination led to heads-up play lasting over 12 hours, but Bain regained a substantial chip lead before claiming victory.

In the last hand of the event, Nichols went all-in with Nine-Five and was called by Bain, who was slightly behind with Eight-Four. The Nine high was good on the flop and the turn, but an Eight on the river gave Bain a pair of Eights to take out the APT Sydney.

The win is Bain’s biggest live poker tournament achievement to date. His largest previous win was at the World Professional Poker Tour (WPPT) Gold Coast Main Event in March of last year where he came in first place and took home $86,699.

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