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Tran Wins APT Philippines Main Event

Aussie poker player Khac Trung Tran has dominated in the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Philippines Main Event, taking out top spot along with the $124,000 cash prize.

It ended what could be truly described as an epic run of dominance for Tran at the Resorts World Manila. The Aussie knocked out the last four remaining players, one of them being seasoned pro Nam Le, of the tourney en route to claiming the coveted top spot.

The Aussie’s first scalp was Canadian Homad Houshiar, who was knocked out by Tran just 20 minutes into the final day’s play after his Tens were outpaired by Tran’s Aces. Nam Le was next up on Tran’s chopping block after a bluff gone wrong. After going all-in with a King Eight off-suit, Le was called by the Aussie, whose Ace King outkicked Le’s hand after they both hit a King on the flop.

Japanese player Sekiya Yosuke was next to go. While his Ace Nine was behind Tran’s pocket Sixes before the flop, his potential outs meant that all hope was not lost. This changed when Yosuke’s hand did not hit the board, which meant the Aussie’s pocket pair held up and Yosuke was out in third place and with $48,700.

Yosuke’s exit meant the APT Philippines Main Event was down to its last two players, Tran and fellow Aussie poker pro Thang Truong. Fresh from in-the-money finishes in tourneys at this month’s WSOP Asia Pacific and March’s PokerStars ANZPT Sydney, Truong was certainly in with a good chance to take out this Main Event. However, even he was unable to stop the magnificent run and play of fellow Aussie Tran as he settled for second place after just two hands of heads-up play.

Truong was ahead pre-flop in the final hand, with Ace Six off-suit against Tran’s Queen Jack off-suit. Troung would hope that this would continue for the whole hand, as he had over a million chips less than his rival going into the hand. It was not to be as the Three of Clubs, Nine of Diamonds and Jack of Diamonds flop gave Tran top pair. The turn brought even more good news for Tran, with the Queen of Diamonds giving him two pair, essentially guaranteeing him the victory.

The Queen of Clubs on the river was the final nail in the coffin for Truong, giving Tran a full house to give him first place at the APT Philippines Main Event. Truong does not back to the land down under empty handed, however, taking home $71,600 for his efforts in the tournament.

Tran’s $124,000 first place finish at the APT Philippines Main Event gives the Australian his biggest poker cash win to date. While he won $74,295 after taking out fourth spot in the Aussie Millions back in January 2010, Tran’s best cash prize since then has been a little over $6,000. This must make the six-figure prize and APT victory even sweeter for Khac Trung Tran.

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