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Tommy Hang Captures a Long-Awaited WSOP Bracelet in Event #27

For Tommy Hang, winning a WSOP bracelet wasn’t just a dream. It had become somewhat of a nightmare, as he came so close to capturing one on several occasions, especially in 2008. That year, Hang finished second in a H.O.R.S.E. event and beside that, he had two third place and one fourth place finish during various WSOP years.

After last night, Hang can finally sleep better. After several hours of play at the eight-handed final table, Hang found himself heads-up for the bracelet against Jim Collopy. He started with more than a 2:1 chip advantage and soon crippled Collopy to take about a 12:1 lead. It seemed like it was going to be a short match and that Hang would get his bracelet without much sweat.

But from that point on, Collopy started his comeback and was slowly closing the gap, grinding patiently and dragging some pots. Although he never took the lead from Hang, it looked like he would be able to come into position to threaten Hang’s latest shot at a bracelet.

After some two levels of play, Hang finally found a way to administer the finishing blow to Collopy’s stack. The two saw a flop of #9d#8s#3h and after Collopy three-bet, Hang called to see #6h fall on the turn. It went check-call, with Collopy having only 15,000 behind to see the river. The last card of the tournament came #10d and Hang came out with a bet to force Collopy to move all-in. Collopy quickly called with his #ks#kh but was disappointed to see that Hang got there on the river with #qh#jc. With that, Collopy was the last player to be eliminated from the tournament, banking $142,533.

This was a truly big moment for Tommy Hang, who almost didn’t even play in this event as he planned to go home for Father’s Day weekend. He changed his mind just as late registration was about to close and two days later, he was standing with all the tournament chips in front of him.

I have been shooting for a bracelet for years now, and have always been falling slightly short. Each year I have progressed and learned new things, new tactics and I have been applying them. It seems to be paying off so far.

Together with his bracelet, Hang also received the cash prize in the amount of $230,744. Apart from the last two players, others who made the final table included Kristan Lord ($96,894), Brandon Guss ($67,435), Joe Villella ($47,905), Christopher George ($34,725), Stewart Yancik ($19,338), and David ‘ODB’ Baker ($19,338).

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