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TCOOP Satellite Winner and 7th Place Finisher “SennaBoris79” Wins Big at High Stakes Tables

The final table participants of the PokerStar’s TCOOP $700 Main Event took home a considerable amount of money after a 7 way chop. The players shared the majority of a $3.3 million prize pool with the winner, “frma1103”, adding $326,880 to his bankroll. Although the 7 players received sizable winnings, one participant was not satisfied with his 6 figure profit.

Russian poker player, “SennaBoris79” earned $193,069.50 for his seventh place finish in the TCOOP Main Event, but the $27 satellite winner wasn’t finished with his biggest score. The Russian online player decided to take his earnings to the $50/$100 No Limit Hold Em’ tables to face seasoned pros like Tobias “KTPOKP” Kuder, Diogo “phounderAA” Veiga, Cort “thecortster” Kibler-Melby, and Jacob “Lottenice” Rasmussen. Ultimately, “SennaBoris79” held his own against some of the best cash game players in the world.

SennaBoris79 earned nearly $60k in profits over two short sessions at the Poker Stars $50/$100 tables. In the first session, the Russian lost his initial buy-in of $10k before rallying over 90 hands to a $27k profit. In one hand, SennaBoris79 battled high stakes regular “TrueTeller” in a $20.9k pot.

According to HighStakesDB, SennaBoris79 raised the pot in early position to $200 with a pair of 2s. TrueTeller wagered a 3-bet to $750 in middle position and was called by his opponent. The flop came 2d4c4s and SennaBoris79 led into the aggressor for $500. The turn brought a 5h and TrueTeller called a $1,600 bet from his opponent. The river brought a 9h and SennaBoris79 successfully value bet his full house for $7,400.

After this large pot, SennaBoris79 continued to torture TrueTeller in the largest single pot for the Russian amateur. In a $53.8k pot, SennaBoris79 raised in early position to $200 with Jc9s and called a 3-bet to $1,000 from TrueTeller in the BB.  The flop came Jd6s9c and TrueTeller kept the initiative by betting $1,240.  SennaBoris79 answered with a raise to $3,200 with his two pair and was called by his opponent. TrueTeller decided to be the aggressor on the turn and bet $5,350 on a 9d turn.  The river brought a 10h and gave TrueTeller a straight with the 8s9s. The high stakes pro value bet for $17,250, but was called by the full house of SennaBoris79, who inexplicably decided against value raising his full house.

The Russian amateur enjoyed a fantastic couple days at the expense of some high stakes professionals. Although players like TrueTeller are awaiting the next sighting, “SennaBoris79” enjoyed one of the finest days for an amateur player through his winnings at the TCOOP and the high stakes tables.

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