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Taylor Takes Out WSOP Event #14

It was a great weekend for Jonathan Taylor as he took out the WSOP $1,500 No Limit Hold’Em event and won a Gold Bracelet and $454,424 for his stellar play.

Taylor beat a field of 1,879 players to take top spot in the three-day long tournament after coming into the final day second on the chip ladder. 14 players were still in the event at the start of Day 3, all of vying for a spot on the final table. By the time the first five players were eliminated and the final table was set, Taylor had gotten the chip lead with a stack of 2,057,000.

Joseph Pergola was the first player to be knocked out of the final table as he lost his last hand against former chip leader Sunny Patel. Patel hit a pair of Sixes on the flop, while the originally short stacked Pergola had to settle for Seven high as he was eliminated in ninth place.

Dan Gannon was the next player to be eliminated and the first final table scalp collected the eventual winner. Taylor’s King High was able to win the hand against Gannon, and he was sent packing in eighth place.

Seventh place went to Jed Hoffmann, whose Pocket Queens were beaten by Blake Bohn’s Ace King of Clubs. Bohn hit a pair of Aces on the turn after the Ace of Clubs was shown, which ended Hoffmann’s time in the tournament after no Queen came on the river.

Patrick Kubat then became the second player on the final table to be eliminated by Patel when he was knocked out in sixth spot. Patel hit a pair of Tens on the flop, which beat Kubat’s Pocket Fives and won him the hand.

Taylor would not be outdone in the final scalps; he took his own second final table scalp when he knocked Thanh Vu out of the event in fifth place. Taylor hit a set of Nines on the flop, which beat Vu’s pair of Nines.

Just two hands later, Taylor made it three final table scalps when he eliminated Patel from the event in fourth place. Patel’s Ace Jack was ahead of Taylor’s King Nine before the flop, but that changed after the turn when the Nine of Diamonds was shown, giving Taylor a pair and knocking Patel out of the tournament.

The eventual winner then showed himself to be unstoppable when he eliminated Hunter Frey from the event in third spot. Frey went all in pre flop with Jack Ten off suit, a usually alright starting hand in three-handed play. Unfortunately for him, however, Taylor had Pocket Queens and promptly called Frey.

The flop showed all Hearts, which gave Frey a potential flush draw as he held the Jack of Hearts. However, the Two of Spades on the turn and the Two of Diamonds on the river did not give him the break he needed and he was knocked out with $194,315 for his efforts.

This left just Taylor and Bohn as the last two sitting. Taylor had a considerable lead going into heads-up play and he would not relinquish it as he went on to win the event.

In the last hand of the tournament, Bohn raised to 200,000 pre flop, which was reraised to 1.5 million by Taylor. Bohn called, which put him all in and both players went about a show down. Taylor showed King Nine of Spades while Bohn showed Ace Five off suit, giving him some hope of staying in the event.

He got extra hope when he hit a Five on the flop, giving a pair and cementing his lead over Taylor. This changed for the worse when the Nine of Hearts came on the turn, which put Taylor ahead and kept him there when the Three of Diamonds came on the river.

Taylor won his first ever WSOP Gold Bracelet by winning the event, as well as his biggest ever cash prize in his poker career.

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