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Taylor Paur Wins WSOP Event #18

Taylor Paur played excellently throughout the WSOP $1,000 No Limit Hold’Em event, and he continued his dominant play in the final table en route to taking first place and his first ever WSOP Gold Bracelet.

In what may have been one of the biggest hands of the entire event, Paur knocked both Kyle Cartwright and Alex Taylor from the final table in the same hand. With Pocket Queens, Cartwright had a very solid starting hand as did Taylor, who had Pocket Jacks.

Unfortunately for them, they could not have had those hands at a worse time, as Paur showed Pocket Aces, which stuck and even hit a set on the turn. This won him the hand and Cartwright was eliminated in ninth place while Taylor settled for eighth spot.

Daniel Idema was the next to be eliminated from the final table after being knocked out by DJ MacKinnon. Idema’s King Queen off suit was no match for MacKinnon’s Pocket Aces, which held on the board to finish Idema off in seventh place.

Alex Barlow the claimed his first scalp of the event when he eliminated Phillip Hui in sixth spot. Hui went all in pre flop with Eight Nine off suit and was called by Barlow, who had Pocket Queens. Barlow’s Queens held on the board and, just like that, Hui was knocked out and the tourney was down to its final five players.

Paur would then claim his third final scalp when he eliminated MacKinnon from the tourney. Like his double elimination of Cartwright and Taylor, Paur also had Pocket Aces in the hand that knocked MacKinnon out. MacKinnon, on the other hand, had none other than Pocket Kings, which were unable to crack the Bullets on the board.

In the very next hand, Paur eliminated Barlow from the event in fourth place. Barlow went all in for 115,000 pre flop with King Nine off suit and was called by both Paur and Roy Weiss. The King Of Spades, Seven of Clubs and Three of Hearts on the flop gave Barlow a pair and seemingly put him in a solid position to triple up.

Weiss and Paur both checked the board up to the river, which turned the Ace of Hearts. Paur bet 60,000 after the river before Weiss folded his hand. Paur then showed Ace Eight off suit, which gave him the higher pair, beating Barlow and putting the tournament down to three-handed play.

While Tai Nguyen chipped himself up and played solidly following Barlow’s elimination, Paur would eventually get the better of him and knock him out of the event. Nguyen called Paur’s pre flop raise and two spades were shown on the flop.

This led to a brief battle of raises and reraises between the two players, before Paur reraised Nguyen all in, which he promptly called. Nguyen showed Queen Ten of Spades while Paur showed Ace King of spades, giving him the higher flush draw. The Jack of Spades on the turn gave both players their flush, but ended Nguyen’s chance at tournament glory and he finished in third place.

With Paur having a huge chip lead over Weiss in heads-up play, it initially looked like Paur would continue his stellar run and end the event quickly. This was not to be, however, as the chip lead seesawed between both players in what could only be described as a crazy ending to the event.

After the dinner break, Weiss shoved all in pre flop on almost every single hand that was dealt. While it chipped him up and agitated Paur a little bit, it did not work in his favour as he was eventually called and beaten.

In the last hand of the event, Paur, who had Ace Five of Diamonds called Weiss’ pre flop all in. Weiss showed King Eight of Clubs and was beaten after Paur hit trip Aces on the turn, winning Paur the tournament and the $340,260 top cash prize.


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