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Sylvestre Wins Third WSOP Event

The third Gold Bracelet at this year’s WSOP in Las Vegas has gone to Charles Sylvestre, who took out the $1,000 No Limit Re Entry event.

The native of Quebec, Canada bested a field of 3,164 to take out the three-day long tournament. It was a surprise for most considering that Sylvestre has not played a major professional poker tournament since 2010, when he played two events at that year’s WSOP.

It was obvious that Sylvestre spent at least some of the last two and a half years further strengthening his game as he came back on the felt with a vengeance. The Quebecois was third on the chip ladder when the final table began, with 1,270,000 chips to his name.  

Ruben Ybarra was the player on top of the chip ladder when the final table was set, but he had a quick fall from grace when he was eliminated in eighth place by Seth Berger. It was Berger who held the chip lead after this elimination, but Sylvestre was gradually and quietly boosting his chip stack.

Sylvestre got a major boost to his stack after he knocked out Ryan Olisar in sixth place. Sylvestre’s Pocket Fours were under threat from Olisar’s Ace Jack. But with Olisar unable to pair up on the board, the Fours held and Silvestre’s stack went over the three million mark.

The elimination was a sign of things to come as Sylvestre claimed his second final table scalp when he knocked Michael Cooper out of the event in fourth spot. Cooper decided to play his open ended straight draw that came on the flop, while Sylvestre was ahead with Pocket Aces. With none of Cooper’s outs coming on neither the turn nor the river, he was sent packing and Sylvestre’s stack was fast approaching the four million mark.

Sylvestre was still behind Berger on the chip ladder when the event reached three-handed play. He had 3,900,000 chips to his name with Berger had a stack of 4,750,000. Things would get even more competitive between the two after William Guerrero was knocked out of the tournament in third place, also at the hands of the eventual winner.

Guerrero reraised all in preflop with Pocket Nines, which Sylvestre responded to by calling with his Ace Four off suit. Sylvestre hit a two pair on the flop, which was enough to win the hand and end Guerrero’s participation in the event. It was not all bad news for Guerrero, however, as he still won a respectable $215,107 for his solid efforts at the tourney.

Both Berger and Sylvestre’s stacks were more or less even when heads-up play began, but Sylvestre’s aggressive play ensured he captured the lead quickly. It only took a few hands of heads-up play to end the tournament as Sylvestre eliminated Berger en route to taking first place.

In the last hand of the event, Sylvestre raised to 150,000 pre flop, which was called by Berger. The Three of Diamonds, Ace of Diamonds and King of Clubs came on the flop. Sylvestre, who had Ace Jack off suit, kept building the pot after the flop and the turn before going all in after the river. Berger called and immediately mucked his cards after Sylvestre showed his hand.

Charles Sylvestre won $491,360 and his first ever WSOP Gold Bracelet for taking out the $1,000 No Limit Re Entry event.

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