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Sunny Jung Wins ACOP Main Event

Sunny Jung has taken out the Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) Main Event at Pokerstars LIVE at the City of Dreams in Macau tonight.

Jung held the chip lead at the start of heads-up play last night and maintained it when he and Devan Tang resumed play on the last day of the event. Tang was not too far behind initially, but his chip stack quickly dwindled in the early stages of play.

It wasn’t the end for him, though, and he went on the comeback trail, winning a few double ups to snatch the chip lead from the eventual winner. The lead was brief, however, with Jung’s aggressive play getting the better of Tang, and he regained the chip lead soon enough.

After that, it was all Jung as he kept his lead en route to taking out the Main Event. It was Tang who made the first raise in the last hand of the event, having made a min raise pre-flop. Jung responded by three-betting to 300,000 and Tang, after a moment of thought, reraised the stakes to half a million.

Jung must not have been a fan of the constant reraising as he moved all-in and was eventually called by Tang. It was an understandable move by the runner-up, who showed Ace-Queen offsuit, but it was a weaker starting hand than the one held by Jung.

The Korean showed Ace-King of Hearts and it held on the flop and gave him a nut flush draw on the turn. The Ten of Hearts on the river gave Jung a nut flush to put an exclamation mark on the hand and his victory in the ACOP Main Event.

Jung won HK$4,352,000 (around US$561,370) for his stellar play in the Main Event. It was his biggest victory in what has been a solid professional poker career thus far. He has reached the final table in two Macau Poker Cup Main Events, as well as the final tables of the 2011 APT Manila and 2010 APT Macau Main Events.

All great achievements, but the ACOP Main Event victory surely blows them all out of the water.

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