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Spiderman Involved in Poker Lawsuit

Tobey Maguire is being sued after being named as one of the people who allegedly played in a illegal gambling ring in which millions of dollars were exchanged in a series of no-limit high-stakes poker games.

Other celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Nick Cassavetes are also alleged to have taken part in the Texas Hold’Em sessions reserved for celebrities and other rich players.

Maguire reportedly won more than $300,000 from Beverly Hills hedge fund manager Brad Ruderman, and Star magazine reported that he averaged over $1 million in winnings over a three month period.

However, the money Ruderman used to pay Maguire was obtained in a Ponzi scheme that he ran among his investors, and Maguire is now being sued by a trustee for the investors that Ruderman cheated.

The suit was filed in March but has only recently come to light. Although Maguire didn’t know where the funds came from, the suit alleges he wrongfully accepted the money and should repay it with interest.

The games were apparently very organized, with a woman named Molly Bloom acting as the chief coordinator and organizing accommodations, amenities, food, and dealers, as well as facilitating cash transfers. As such, the games should have been licensed or regulated by aurhorities.

Despite the suit, Maguire isn’t being pursued on any criminal charges.

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