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Sotirios Koutoupas Wins EPT Deauville Main Event

Sotirios Koutoupas entered the EPT Deauville Main Event final table with a massive chip lead and ultimately left the final table with all the chips as he won the event.

The Greek player beat a total field of 671 over the five-day event and took home €614,000 (around USD$827,730) for his stellar play. It is the first time a Greek poker player has won an EPT Main Event, as well as the biggest live tournament win for Koutoupas.

The first player to be eliminated from the final table was Frenchman Anthony Lerust, who was the first final table scalp for Koutoupas. Lerust moved all-in pre-flop with pocket Aces – an expected move – and was called by the Greek, who had King-Queen of Diamonds.

Koutoupas hit a pair on the turn, but Lerust and his Aces were still ahead. Unfortunately for the Frenchman, however, Koutoupas’ pair turned into two pair on the river, which won him the hand and eliminated Lerust in eighth place.

Carlos De Benedittis was the next player to be eliminated from the event. It came at the hands of Oliver Price, who called Benedittis’ (who had Ace-Ten of Diamonds) all-in raise with Ace-Queen offsuit. The Ace-Queen remained dominant throughout the board and the event soon was down to six players.

Price then claimed his second straight final table scalp when he knocked Rustem Muratov out of the event in sixth spot. The short-stacked Muratov went all-in with Five-Six offsuit and was called by Price, who had Ace-Eight offsuit. It was the same story as the last knockout as Price’s hand remained the strongest on the board.

Koutoupas was not to be outdone on the scalps, though, as he claimed a second final table scalp of his own when he eliminated Harry Law in fifth place. Law went all-in with pocket Aces and it looked like he was going to double up when the Greek called with Ace-King of Hearts.

That all changed on the flop, however, as three hearts were shown, which gave Koutoupas a nut flush. There was almost no way Law could come back to win the hand, and he was eventually eliminated from the event in fifth place.

Fourth place went to Eli Heath as he became Koutoupas’ third final table scalp. Heath was ahead when he moved all-in pre-flop with Ace-Eight offsuit. But with King-Jack offsuit, Koutoupas was also in with a solid chance to win the hand.

That’s exactly what happened, as a Jack was one of three cards to come on the flop, good enough to win the hand for the Greek while eliminating Heath from the event.

Heath’s elimination put Koutoupas and Eugene Katchalov in heads-up play with Koutoupas holding approximately a two-to-one advantage in stack sizes when play began. While Katchalov came in with a lot of high level poker experience to his name, there was simply no stopping the extremely good run of play of Koutoupas in this event.

In the last hand of the tournament, Katchalov went all-in pre-flop with Ace-King offsuit and was called by Koutoupas, who had Ace-Three offsuit. Katchalov was a good chance to double up, but Koutoupas had a habit of come from behind victories in this event.

This hand was no different, as the Greek hit trip Threes on the flop to put himself well ahead. The turn and river were of no help to Katchalov and, just like that, Koutoupas was officially crowned the winner of the EPT Deauville Main Event.

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