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Sim Takes Out APPT Cebu

He rode the short stack for most of the APPT Cebu Main Event and it looked like he would not go far in the tourney, but Jae Kyung Sim proved any naysayers wrong by taking out top spot.

The South Korean was a beast on the final table, showing from the outset that he was on a mission. After just 15 minutes into the final day’s play, Sim claimed his first final table scalp en route to first place, knocking out Andrew Nguyen in ninth spot.

Sim would then eliminate Michael Allmrodt, Timo Kohijoki and Bawod Hyunshik Yun in succession, quickly building up his stack before taking a break from knocking out other poker players from the tourney.

Australian WSOP Asia Pacific Gold Bracelet winner Jim Collopy was initially in a great position to take first place. He was the chip leader going into the final table and played excellently throughout the entire tournament. Luck would not go his way in his last hand, however, as his pocket Queens were no match for Irishman Andrew Wright’s pocket Aces, which held to knock Collopy out in fourth spot.

Despite the knockout, Wright would also not last long after Sim decided it was time to get back to cleaning up the final table. The Irishman’s pocket Sixes looked promising against the South Korean’s Ace King after the pair held on the flop. Sim, however, turned an Ace and eventually won the hand, claiming his fifth same-day scalp in the process.

This left just two players remaining in the Main Event – Sim and Philippines-based Swede Magnus Carlsson. While Carlsson had played well in the final table, especially given his moderate stack coming into the last day, he was unable to stop the stellar run of Sim. It took just three hands of heads-up play for Sim to do away with the Swede.

It came after a flop which saw Four of Diamonds, Seven of Hearts and Fives of Spades on the board. After some back and forth raising and re-raising, there would be a post-flop showdown, where Kim showed Eight and Six of diamonds, giving him a straight. Carlsson, on the other hand, showed Ten of Spades and Six of Hearts, putting him behind, but not totally out, with an open ended straight draw.

The Seven of Diamonds on the turn and the Three of Hearts of the river did nothing for Carlsson and Sim was declared the winner of the APPT Cebu Main Event, netting himself a nice PHP3,948,000 (around US$97,000) in the process.

Sim’s win is by far the largest in his poker career. He came eighth in last year’s APPT Cebu Main Event, winning PHP658,500 (around US$15,000), but that is now a distant memory as he reigned supreme this year.

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