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Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Down to Final 6 Players

Today was a quick day at the Seminole Hard Rock as the final 21 players returned to play down to the last 6 players for the final table tomorrow.  The final table has two players with impressive resumes leading the way, and with plenty of play remaining, it’s sure to be a great final table.  This potentially impressive final table caps off an exceptionally successful series and Main Event that was detailed in an earlier article on

Leading the way for much of the day and maintaining that lead going into the final day is Blair Hinkle who has 152 big blinds and at one point had 25% of the chips in play with 15 people remaining.  This will be a huge score for Blair Hinkle as he still has over $1 million tied up on Full Tilt Poker, which he might be best known for, and is guaranteed at least $378k and could win as much as $1.75 million for taking down this tournament.  He is a force to be reckoned with at this final table as according to Hendon Mob database he has nearly $2 million in live tournament scores, which includes a WSOP bracelet and 2 WSOPC rings, but does not include his prolific online resume.

The other big stack coming into the final table with 132bb is Justin Bonomo which most poker fans will be familiar with. It’s a very impressive feat for Justin Bonomo to even be at this final table as he was the short stack in the tournament with 15 players left.  Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo is a high stakes cash game player, but has an impressive live tournament resume that includes: over $6 million in winnings, a WSOPC ring, and numerous large cashes in Super High Roller events.  With stacks being as deep as they are, and the structure being as slow as this one happens to be Bonomo is going to be a force to be reckoned with and might have an edge if the final day doesn’t drag out forever.

While the rest of the players do not have the resumes that the above 2 players do, no one is super short with the exception of Greg Lehn, but even he still has 14bb, which while small at a 6 man final table is not enough to make him shove at the sight of the first decent looking hand.  The final table will get underway at noon eastern on Wednesday, and the action is sure to be fun.  The final table is being live streamed if you go to the official website at


Final Table Chip Counts and Seat Position:

Seat 1.  Samuel Bernabeu Guilabert  –  4,675,000  (31 bb)

Seat 2.  Justin Bonomo  –  18,500,000  (123 bb)

Seat 3.  Blair Hinkle  –  22,800,000  (152 bb)

Seat 4.  Greg Lehn  –  2,200,000  (14 bb)

Seat 5.  Ray Qartomy  –  13,050,000  (87 bb)

Seat 6.  Mukul Pahuja  –  10,200,000  (68 bb)

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