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Sbrissa The Man At LAPT Brazil

Following four days of stellar poker play and battling through a field of nearly 750 players, Victor Sbrissa showed that he’s a force to be reckoned with by taking out the LAPT Brazil Main Event.

The Brazilian won the Latin American Poker Tour event on Tuesday in his home town of Sao Paulo and will take home $255,400 for his excellent efforts in the tournament…Not a bad return for a $4,000 buy-in. While Sbrissa had played a solid game throughout the tournament, it was Leo Fernandez who was the favourite to take the top spot going into the final table.

Fernandez held a major chip lead when the final table started, but the chips disappeared into the stacks two other players on the table before he was eliminated in seventh place. Sbrissa made his presence felt on the final table when he knocked Marcos Paulo Ximenes out in sixth place. Ximenes’ – who had pocket Threes – went all-in pre flop, which the eventual winner called with pocket Sixes, which held to give him top pair.

Sbrissa would again show his poker playing dominance by knocking out short stack Leonardo Brescia out in fourth place. After calling Brescia’s King Queen of Clubs all-in with pocket Eights, Sbrissa hit a full house on the flop, which almost sealed Brescia’s fate. Things then went from bad to worse for Brescia after Sbrissa hit quads on the river, putting the nail in Brescia’s coffin.

These two eliminations helped give Sbrissa the chip lead going into heads-up play against fellow Brazilian Daniel Murta. After Murta’s stack dwindled further, there was finally a showdown after Sbrissa called an all-in from Murta after a flop.

Murta showed Ace Jack, which gave him middle pair on a Jack of Hearts, Queen of Clubs and Six of Clubs flop. Sbrissa, on the other hand, had Queen Four, which gave him top pair. The King of Diamonds on the turn and the Three of Spades on the river was of no help to Murta and he was knocked out in second place. Sbrissa was crowned the LAPT Brazil Main Event winner as his supporters cheered and chanted loudly in typical Brazilian fashion.

The $255,400 cash prize is the largest for the Brazilian, who is predominantly an online player. The LAPT Main Event win, however, has proven Victor Sbrissa to be a force in the live scene as well as behind the computer screen.

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