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Sands Super High Roller At WPT

David Sands is a million dollars richer today after he took out the World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship $100,000 Super High Roller event.

The man known simply as ‘Doc’ bested a field of 21 players to win the event, which was held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. While Sands was fourth on the chip ladder at the beginning of the six-player final table, his stellar play on the final day helped chip him up en route to winning the event and its $1,023,750 first prize.

Short stack Andrew Robl was the first final table player to be eliminated, which was done at the hands of Jim Courtney, who entered the final table as chip leader. Super High Roller tournament veteran Steven Silverman was the next to go, with Daniel Perper knocking him out after his Pocket Queens held to take the hand.

Courtney would be the bubble of the tournament after he was eliminated in fourth place, also by Perper, who began the day with the shortest stack on the table. Only the top three players in the Super High Roller event would be in the money, which meant Perper, Cheong and Sands could breathe a little easier.

Perper himself would be the next to be eliminated by the eventual winner after a pre-flop showdown that had Sands showing Pocket Fives and Perper showing King Seven off suit. Sands hit a set on the flop and they held for the rest of the board, which helped give him a major chip lead over Cheong going into heads-up play.

With 4,765,000 chips, Doc has over three million chips more than Cheong, who went into heads up play with a stack of 1,530,000. Sands would make quick work of Cheong, eliminating him on the fourth hand of heads up play.

Cheong, who had Ace Three off suit, moved all in pre-flop, a move which was called by Sands, who outkicked Cheong with Ace Eight off suit. The Queen of Spades, Five of Diamonds and Two of Spades flop meant Sands’ hand was still good, but gave Cheong an inside straight draw.

The Ace of Diamonds on the turn and Nine of Spades on the river did not help Cheong, however, and Doc was officially the WPT Super High Roller champion. Despite the second place finish, it was not all bad news for Cheong as he still walked away with $614,250 for his efforts in the event.

The win is the second time this year Sands has earned over $1 million in a single poker tournament. Sands also came second in the $98,000 Super High Roller event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January, which made him a cool $1,259,320.

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