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Sam Trickett: Vienna Experience and Macau Cash Games

Sam Trickett, one of the most recognized names in high stakes poker circles, has shared his thoughts in an exclusive interview for Sam had a deep run in the EPT Vienna Main Event, but lost most of his stack just before the money in a cooler hand where he had flopped a set of fours against the set of queens of his opponent. Although this hand left Trickett’s stack crippled, he managed to pull off a min-cash, but not much more than that, as he busted soon after the bubble. Trickett took it in stride, as he believes it was simply a cooler that could not be avoided.


He shared his plans for the WSOP in Vegas this year, as he expects to be playing much more, including 2-7 events, even though he admitted to being terrible at it – but it is a lot of fun. His plans include the tournament that everybody’s talking about – Big One for One Drop $1 million event, but Trickett admits that it is a lot of money for any poker player to pony-up on their own, so he’ll be looking to find a staking deal for this one. The amount of money at stake doesn’t phase him once play begins, though, as he is focused on the cards and is trying to make the best plays. However, not everyone is able to forget about the money, and Sam says that there are ways to exploit this fact, but he wouldn’t share much more on the topic for obvious reasons.


One of the most recent events in his life was signing a sponsorship deal with Everest Poker. In Trickett’s own words, he’s been looking for a right deal for a while and this offer came at just the right time.


If there is one thing that always tickles the imagination of poker fans around the globe, it’s the stories about famous Macau cash games and huge pots that are being reported. Trickett offered a little insight, as well as a comment about the recent rumors that he is being denied his place at the tables in Macau. Although he has been a regular player there for quite a while, he states that games have dried up and that action is not what it used to be. Apart from that, Trickett was not invited to play a couple times that he has been there and there was too much waiting around for his liking. The game revolves around businessmen who have other obligations and poker is only their hobby, so games are not always as good.


There’s so many politics about getting into game,” said Tricket. “It’s just got to the point where I wasn’t in the game, like I used to be, all the time. It’s not my style to suck up to the people, trying to weed my way in or wait out for six, seven or ten hours to get into a game, so I’m happy to play some poker elsewhere.”


As far as his personal life, Sam’s girlfriend Natasha has been accompanying him to some tournaments, but it is hard to find time to spend with her between all the tournament and cash game action. She recently got involved with PokerTube, so this engagement might help them see each other a bit more.

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