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Sam Trickett Roughed Up In Vegas

Following celebrations over his second place finish in the BIG ONE For ONE DROP tournament that was worth more than $10 million, Sam Trickett was beaten by six men outside a Vegas night club.

The British pro was enjoying his runner-up finish in the $1 million buy-in event by spending a night on the town with his girlfriend and several other friends when half a dozen ne’er-do-wells pummeled him upon exiting a club. Sustaining various injuries not believed to be serious, Trickett took to Twitter to comment on the assault.

“Was having great day until 6 guys did this to me,” Trickett tweeted and posted a photo of his injuries. “Seriously wtf? Couldn’t be more angry… #cowards.”

Details are sketchy about the reason for the attack, but the assailants may have been jealous over Trickett’s excellent finish in the event, as Trickett added, “Is this what happens if ur successful? literally beat the shit out of me and spat in @NatashaSandu face all over nothing.”

Sandu is the girlfriend of Trickett, who reassured the UK pro’s many fans by also tweeting, “It wasn’t a mugging or anything just over nothing, sam is fine..gonna spend some quality time together now.”

The BIG ONE For ONE DROP was the highest priced tournament in poker history that featured a capped limit of 48 players who each ponied up a $1 million entry fee, of which $111,111 went to charity to help impoverished countries that lack sufficient drinking water. Antonio Esfandiari won the event, earning the biggest payday ever, a whopping $18.3 million, as well as a WSOP gold bracelet.

Trickett was endorsed by for the tournament and was a tad angry at himself for his play near the finish of the tourney. “I’ll get over it,” Trickett admitted. “I would have liked to win for the bracelet and the prestige, but I can’t be too upset.”

Just prior to Christmas, poker pro Jonathon Duhamel was also beaten by attackers, who assaulted and robbed the Canadian star in his home, getting away with cash, a Rolex, and a WSOP gold bracelet. Duhamel’s ex-girlfriend and several cohorts were eventually charged in the attack.

According to Sandu, Trickett is doing fine and will soon return to WSOP action.




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