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Robin Ylitalo Wins EPT London Main Event

This year’s European Poker Tour (EPT) London Main Event is now over and it is Swedish player Robin Ylitalo who was the last player sitting at the tournament.

The 27-year-old, who hails from the Swedish city of Gothenburg, took out the top spot at the Main Event and £560,980 (around US $909,000) for topping the total field of 604 players. It is by far the biggest live poker tournament win to date for the Swede, who came into the event with three WSOP in-the-money finishes to his name.

The UK’s own Kully Sidhu was the first player to have been eliminated from the final table. The short stack went all-in with a solid hand in Ace-Queen offsuit, but was sent out of the event after Georgios Karakousis called with Jack-Ten offsuit and hit a Jack on the board to win the hand.

Norway’s Jan Olav Sjavik was the next player to go after his pocket Sevens were beaten by Ludovic Geilich’s pocket Nines. Sjavik, who was also short-stacked by that point, could not hit a third seven on the board and was sent packing in seventh place.

Sixth place went to Stefan Vagner after he became Ylitalo’s first scalp at the final table. The Slovakian went all in with Queen-Jack offsuit and was called by the eventual winner, who showed Ace-King offsuit. Big slick held on the board to give Ylitalo the hand and eliminate Wagner from the event.

Karakousis then scored his second final table scalp after he took Australia’s Jeff Rossiter out of the event in fifth place. Rossiter went all-in with pocket Fours in an attempt to double up and was called by the Greek, who had King-Queen offsuit. Unfortunately for the Aussie, Karakousis hit a Queen on the flop, which was enough for him to win the hand and end Rossiter’s time in the tournament.

Another home player would then be eliminated as Geilich was knocked out in fourth. It came after a showdown between the Brit and Ylitalo in which Geilich had Queen-Eight of Hearts against the eventual winner’s Ace-Queen offsuit. Ylitalo hit an Ace on the flop, which won him the hand and put the tournament down to its last three players.

Leo McClean was the last British poker player in the Main Event and he was the next player to be eliminated from it. That came at the hands of Karakousis, who went all-in pre-flop with pocket Threes and was called by McClean, who also had a good hand in Ace-Queen of Diamonds. However, the Greek’s Threes held on the board to win the hand and send McClean packing.

McClean’s elimination left Karakousis and Ylitalo in heads-up play with Ylitalo holding a four million chip lead when play began. After around an hour and a half of play, a champion was declared as the Swede kept his lead and won the event.

In the final hand of the event, Karakousis went all-in pre-flop with Ace-Six offsuit after a series of raises and reraises. Unfortunately for him, Ylitalo was waiting in the wings with Ace-King of Clubs and was more than happy to call.  

The Swede’s Ace-King held on the board and Karakousis was eliminated in second place, which officially made Ylitalo the winner of the EPT London Main Event.

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