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Rheem 2013 WPT World Champion

Chino Rheem has added over one million dollars to his total poker money winnings after taking out the 2013 World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship at Las Vegas’ Bellagio.

Rheem was certainly expected to do well: he was the chip leader going into the final table and had played well for most of the tournament. Despite coming into the final table with the lead, Rheem did let go of it on some occasions during the last day of play, but his overall stellar play won him the event.

David Peters was the first to go in the six-handed final table after he was eliminated by Canadian player Jonathan Roy. The Canadian then eliminated 39-year-old player Brandon Steven after hitting a two pair on the board, beating Steven’s Pocket Tens.

Roy was not done knocking people out of the final table; he also knocked out Matt Hyman in fourth place after Hyman moved all in pre flop with Pocket Kings. Unfortunately for him, Roy had Pocket Aces, which Roy called with before winning the hand and eliminating Hyman from the event.

It looked like Roy was rapidly building momentum and was becoming a real threat to Rheem and his chip lead.  While Rheem did briefly lose the chip lead, he quickly regained it, and once again had a dominant lead after eliminating Roy.

The Canadian, who had Pocket Eights, re-raised Rheem pre flop, a move Rheem called with little hesitation. The flop showed King of Diamonds, Ten of Clubs and Eight of Diamonds, which put Roy further ahead after he hit a set. Rheem, who had Ace Ten of Diamonds, needed just one more diamond to win the hand.

After another bet and call, the turn showed Queen of Diamonds and Roy raised once again. Rheem called and the Three of Diamonds came on the river, giving him the nut flush he needed to win the pot. Roy moved all in and was promptly called and eliminated from the tourney in third place.

This left just Rheem and Erick Lindgren in the tournament. While Rheem had a three to one chip lead over Lindgren at the start of heads up play, Lindgren would not be stopped quickly. It took over two hours of play for Lindgren to be sent packing after calling a pre flop all in from Rheem.

Lindgren’s Queen Nine was dominated by Rheem, who had King Nine. Rheem’s hand remained dominant on the Ace of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, Four of Hearts, Three of Hearts and Eight of Spades board and he was crowned champion of the event and winner of the $1,150,297 first place cash prize. Lindgren won a very respectable $650,275 for his efforts in the tournament.

The win takes Rheem’s total live poker tournament earnings to over $6.8 million. It is also the fourth time he has won over $1 million dollars in a single poker tournament after having previously won seven figures in WSOP, WPT and Epic Poker League events.

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