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REPEAT! Dominik Panka wins EPT Deauville High Roller

After winning the Poker Caribbean Adventure (PCA) Main Event last month, Pole Dominik Panka showed the poker world he is the real deal. He captured yet another big title by being the last man standing in the European Poker Tour (EPT) Deauville High Roller event.

This time, Panka faced a much smaller field, but filled with high-stakes players and experienced sharks. And with the help of the poker gods, he ruled them all. “To be honest, I had aces three times at the final table and also on the money bubble I eliminated another unlucky player with kings against my aces. I wasn’t really three-bet bluffing to be honest. I three-bet bluff twice at the final table, other than that all my three-betting was with good hands,” the High Roller winner told PokerStars Blog.

But it wasn’t all about pocket aces. Panka started the show eliminating rising-star Adrian Mateos Diaz in eighth place, calling his four-bet all-in with Ace-King. Diaz had Ace-Three suited with no help on the flop, turn or river.

The show continued with Davidi Kitai choosing the worst possible spot to bluff all-in preflop. He five-bet shoved with Four-Three of cloves only to get called by Panka’s pocket Aces. Kitai finished sixth and cashed in €64,200.

After that, Lebanese Albert Daher tried to step up and steal the show from the PCA Main Event winner. He eliminated Martin Schleich the easy way, holding bullets against King-Queen. The next player eliminated at the hands of the Lebanese was Czech Ondrej Vinklarek. Vinklarek raised all-in on the button with King-Jack and Daher called with Ace-Two. The flop brought a two on the board but also a gutshot for the Czech along with his six live outs. The Jack turn raised Vinklarek’s hopes, but the two river sealed the deal, leaving the Czech with a €101,000 prize.

Soon after, Panka recaptured the spotlight with two interesting calls. First, he sent Swede Kent Lundmark home calling an 11 big-blind shove from the big blind with King-Seven. The Swede held Queen-Six and although he hit a Queen, he had to settle for the third spot and €122,000.

The second call was huge and virtually won the tournament for Panka. Daher tried to steal a big pot from the Pole by betting three streets with only draws, but Panka didn’t believe him and hero-called with second pair. Left with five big blinds, Daher started shoving and couldn’t win the race in a King-Four vs Ace-Nine battle. He finished second for €189,000.

Congratulations to Dominik Panka and his second major live tournament victory. He is now €272,000 richer. When will his next big score come?

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