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PokerStars Launches Four New Omaha Games

PokerStars has announced the addition of four new Omaha games that will be available for real and play money games over the next couple of days.

The new poker variants include 5 Card Omaha, 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo, Courchevel, and Courchevel Hi/Lo. Each game will be spread in a Pot Limit and Fixed Limit form ranging from stakes of $0.10/$0.25 to $200/$400 for the PL games and $1/$2 to $1000/$2000 for the FL games. The games will initially launch in a 6-max format, although the full ring and heads up variant may possibly launch in the near future. According to its site, PokerStars has also launched tournaments for these new games as well.

PokerStars’ new games provide an interesting twist on the highly popular game of 4 card Omaha. In 5-card Omaha and 5-card Omaha Hi/Lo, players are dealt five cards that can be used in connection with the community cards to make the best hand. Like 4-card Omaha, players must use two cards from the initial holdings and three cards from the community cards. The Omaha game strives to reach the best possible high hand while the lowest and the highest hands take the respective halves of the pot in Omaha Hi/Lo. The betting structure remains the same as Pot Limit and Fixed Limit Omaha games.

Courchevel and Courchevel Hi/Lo are popular home game variants of 5-card Omaha where the players are able to see the first card of the flop before the first betting round. The next two cards of the flop are dealt after the initial betting round and the game proceeds like a 5-card Omaha and 5-card Omaha Hi/Lo game.

The Omaha variants are the first new games to be introduced on PokerStars since the debut of Badugi in October 2008. The new games speak to the popularity of Omaha in the European markets of PokerStars. High stakes professionals like Johnny Lodden and David Williams are considered seasoned veterans at these games and the games are becoming viral in the high stakes world.

Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden stated: “Hopefully these games will be a great success and more people around the world will find them fascinating. A good tip for beginners in 5 Card Omaha is to fold low cards as it can turn out to be an expensive mistake – you will often flop a part of the board but very often will not draw to the nuts.”


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