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Players Chilled at WSOP

Poker players are accustomed to encountering a number of distractions while seated at live tables and attempting to concentrate on the game at hand.

While most are prepared to focus despite the sometimes incessant chatter of fellow players at the tables, there has been a somewhat different chatter at this year’s WSOP at the Rio in Las Vegas. Those of chattering teeth due to the cold temperatures in the poker rooms.

Several pros have taken to Twitter to complain about the thermostat settings that were found to be well below the typically comfortable 72 degrees. “Every major casino should be able to control the temp,” a chilly Daniel Negreanu tweeted. “Rio fails miserably its constantly 68 degrees and someone should be fired.”

Being a native Canadian, one would think that KidPoker would be used to the arctic-like conditions. But Negreanu isn’t the only player to find the icy temperatures a bit discomforting. “I actually had to skip tournaments due to the cold,” Kathy Liebert stated. “Picked up a cold. Not fun.”

In talking with other pros, Negreanu found that the temperature setting at the Rio is “a constant complaint among poker customers and its simply never addressed adequately. It boils down to awful customer care and service.”

While the Rio has seemingly given new meaning to “freezeout” poker tournaments, there is relief on the way for players angling for a gold bracelet in the couple dozen or so tourneys yet to be played. WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel said via Twitter that the thermostat has “been moved back to 72. Sorry guys.”


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