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Phwap Fundraiser Established

An online recovery fundraiser has been established to financially help poker pro Kevin ‘Phwap’ Boudreau, who was hospitalised with a brain haemorrhage on the night of June 14.

Phwap underwent surgery on his brain to relieve a blood clot and received a blood transfusion after losing a severe amount of blood during the surgery. He was placed in a coma and still remains in a critical condition in Valley Hospital in Las Vegas, where he was participating in the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

He was diagnosed by doctors as having a condition known as Arteriovenous malformation (AVM), an abnormal connection between the arteries and veins. The swelling on his brain has been somewhat reduced after the surgery, but he did suffer a small stroke and it is currently unknown what, if any effect it will have on Phwap.

So far, the initiative has raised over $14,600 as a result of contributions by over 120 supporters. The initiative hopes to raise $50,000 that would contribute to Phwap’s recovery from the serious event. Much of that money would be spent on Phwap’s eventual transfer from Las Vegas to Colorado, the US state in which he and his family lives.

There are also plans to put Phwap in a long term health care facility in that state where he would stay until his health recovers. The $50,000 raised would also go to paying Phwap’s medical bills resulting from his surgery and current hospitalisation in Las Vegas.

According to the Recovery Fundraiser website, other fundraising initiatives for covering costs associated with Phwap’s continuing recovery will take place in the future and are set to include a pancake breakfast, benefit dinner and poker tournament.

Those who are interested in contributing to the Recovery Fundraiser can do so by visiting the Fundraiser site hosted on

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