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Phil Ivey Returns to Full Tilt, Pads Pro Roster at

Phil Ivey has made a return to Full Tilt Poker, playing under the screen name “Polarizing” and winning roughly $200,000 in a couple sessions to add to the more than $19 million he has won at the site to date.

Full Tilt allowed Ivey to change his screen name, citing exceptional circumstances surrounding his prior contract as a Full Tilt pro, highstakesdb reported. The new screen name was brought to the attention of Full Tilt player “ioi” who received an email from the site, explaining that “it is important to make this player’s opponents aware of the change to avoid any unfair advantage being gained.” Full Tilt called the email’s revelations “not our standard procedure,” but apparently did not want “ioi” to be fleeced by perhaps poker’s best all-around player.

Ivey’s successful return to the site that used him as the centerpiece of its marketing strategy prior to Black Friday included action at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables. Another familiar face at 2-7 Triple Draw has been Viktor “Isuldur1” Blom, one of three current Full Tilt pros. Blom took a hit in his most recent action of about 100 grand, but is still up over $1 million since last Friday, including his trouncing of fellow Full Tilt pro Tom “durrrr” Dwan in Sunday’s heads-up match for $200,000.

While Ivey has continued his winning ways at Full Tilt, his soon-to-be launched website has also seen recent activity. Seven more pro players were added to the site’s roster, bringing the number of players tabbed by Ivey to “teach the world to play better poker” to thirteen. Gillian Epp, Josh Brikis, John Eames, Jonathan Tamayo, Matt Giannetti, David Peters, and Balazs Botond have all signed on at

“Ivey Poker is going worldwide and we are happy to announce the most recent additions to Team Ivey,” the website announced. The seven new members join Ivey’s earlier hand-picked selections of Jennifer Harman, Greg Merson, Cole South, Patrik Antonius, James Dempsey, and Ivey himself.

The new site has not announced an official launch date, but is “in the final stages of developing an innovative social poker game which also includes poker training content from some of the world’s top pros.” Players are encouraged to visit the site to keep up with the latest in “Ivey Poker news.”


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