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Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu Come Out With a WSOP Bracelet Bet

Daniel Negreanu created some buzz in the community after posting on Twitter that he is taking WSOP bracelet bets. The bet is very simple; it is whether he or Phil Ivey will win at least one bracelet during this summer in Vegas, and they are giving even money to anyone willing to take them on.

WSOP Bracelet Bet Offering: me and philivey as a team, you can bet the don’t on either of us winning a bracelet this summer at even money.

Not long after the tweet, a thread popped up on 2+2 forums with people giving their thoughts on how (un)realistic this bet is. Just as a reminder, Ivey holds a total of nine WSOP bracelets, the most recent being in April 2013. During the WSOP-APAC last year, Ivey navigated the field of 81 players in a mixed-game tournament to receive this precious piece of poker jewelry.

As for Negreanu, his bracelet count is currently six and his latest one is less than a year old. ‘KidPoker’ won the High Roller Event in October last year after taking down the High Roller Event during the WSOP-Europe. Earlier in 2013, he also seized the Main Event title and a bracelet during WSOP-APAC.

Looking at these numbers and considering the fact their latest wins are quite fresh, the bet doesn’t seem all that far-fetched. Be that as it may, it certainly gave a lot of material for discussion. While some agree that giving even odds at the bet doesn’t seem unrealistic, others are trying to extrapolate the numbers that would support betting against them.

Mike McDonald, known under the alias ‘timex,’ came into the thread to state his opinion as well.

I like their side. If anyone wants to bet with me, I’ll take bets $500 and over but you guys must send first on Stars/FTP

While the discussion is heating up and people are trying to figure out what are their chances should they decide to take them on, the betting is open to anyone who feels like challenging two of the best tournament players around. Those who are not that well known in the community can escrow their money up front with Negreanu’s assistant and the bet is on,

Traditionally, when pros come up with these types of bets it is not that much about the money at stake as it is about their motivation to play in as many events as they can manage. But according to some information and Negreanu’s preliminary schedule, it doesn’t seem the two will be playing in any events with the buy-in under $5,000, so they are probably not planning on doing a crazy bracelet chase either.

We’ll be keeping track of the developments and as less than 12 days remain until the start of the WSOP, we should soon know the numbers unless they decide to keep them private. For the sake of poker fans, let us hope that doesn’t happen, since it will be much more entertaining to sweat them knowing what’s on the line. And if this is not enough excitement for you, the betting is still open!

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