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Patrik Antonius and Rui Cao to duel for $1 million

It appears the next online high-stakes showdown is set to kick off next week, as Patrik Antonius and Rui Cao prepare to duke it out for a cool $1 million on Full Tilt Poker.

The challenge was extended by Cao in the chatbox on the recently reopened FTP site, and whilst no exact date has been set for the match, with Cao suggesting ‘next Tuesday’ and Antonius refusing to commit to that day, it seems highly likely the chips will start flying sometime next week.

It appears the match will be comprised of three games; No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and 2-7 Triple Draw, with the $1 million buy in spread over the three variants.

Below is a exert of the transcript of the conversation that took place at the tables on Full Tilt.

Rui Cao: by the way

Rui Cao: wanna play a challenge?

Rui Cao: lets say 1M freeezeout NL PLO and deuce?

Patrik Antonius: it depents what kind of

Patrik Antonius: this would be online?

Rui Cao: yes

Patrik Antonius: i would do that

Rui Cao: ok lets say next tuesday?

Rui Cao: so i can wire the money

Patrik Antonius: i dont know the day so far i can play but we can agree to do the challenge

Patrik Antonius: how about 400 in holdem 300 in deuce and 300 in plo?

Rui Cao: 350 holdem 350 plo

Rui Cao: 300 DEUCE

Rui Cao: its fair i think

Patrik Antonius: ok thats fair


The pair have crossed paths before at the tables online, most memorably in May 2011 when the Finnish pro won close to $800k from Cao at the $500/$1000 PLO tables on Full Tilt. Both players have also been regular participants of the live cash game scene in Macao.

The fact that such a big challenge was issued and accepted so casually certainly continues to signal the return of high stakes action to Full Tilt Poker.

PokerTube have been regularly broadcasting the return of high-stakes action on Full Tilt and will no doubt be covering this anticipated battle next week.

Below – Commentary coverage of Patrik Antonius and Gus Hansen in action online.

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