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Patrick Mahoney Wins ANZPT Perth Main Event

The Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) Perth Main Event is now over with Patrick Mahoney as its winner. The Minnesotan – who now calls Australia home – beat a total field of 256 to win the event and its AUD$120,000 cash prize.

The final table began in a highly competitive manner with all players bringing their A-game to the last day of play. The first two hours saw no eliminations as players did all they could to stay in the game.

Someone had to go eventually, though, and that player was Justin Walch. The short-stacked Walch went all-in before the flop with Ace-Nine offsuit and was called by Mahoney, who had him outkicked with Ace-Jack. Both players hit an Ace on the flop, but that wasn’t enough for Walch, who lost the hand and settled for ninth place.

Eighth place went to local poker player Vesko Zmukic, who became Mahoney’s second straight final table scalp. Like Walch, Zmukic went all-in pre-flop with Ace-Nine, except his hole cards were suited. Mahoney was waiting in the wings with pocket Jacks, which meant Zmukic had to hit something big on the board to stay in the event.

It didn’t happen, however, as Mahoney’s Jacks held on the board to give him the hand and put the Main Event down it its last seven players.

Paul Murray was knocked out of the event just minutes later at the hands of Dean Blatt. It came as the short-stacked Murray went all-in on the blind with an amount that was covered by both Blatt and Scott Davies, who both stayed in the hand. Davies folded on the river to a bet from Blatt, who showed a nut flush, which beat Murray’s hand and eliminated him in seventh place.

Matthew Rolfe was gone only a few hands after Murray when he lost a showdown to Davies. Rolfe went all-in pre-flop with pocket Threes and was instantly called by Davies, who had pocket Jacks. The Jacks held on the board and Rolfe was officially out of the event in sixth place.

As if there weren’t enough players eliminated in such little time, Sal Fazzino was knocked out of the final table just a couple minutes after Rolfe’s exit. The Perth player went all-in before the flop with Ace-Six offsuit only to be called by Mahoney and his Ace-Jack. The Ace-Jack remained the dominant hand on the Ten high board and Fazzino exited the event in fifth place.

Blatt got his second final table scalp after he eliminated Brian Mcallister from the event in fourth spot. The short-stacked Mcallister went all-in pre-flop with Seven-Four offsuit and was called by Blatt, who was ahead with King-Six. Blatt’s hand remained the dominant one on the Jack high board to win him the hand and leave only three players vying for the title.

Third place went to Davies after he came off second best in a showdown against Blatt. Davies went all-in pre-flop with Queen-Jack offsuit only to be called by Blatt, who was slightly ahead with King-Five. The King-high was good on a board with two Aces and, just like that, Davies was sent packing.

Davies’ elimination put Blatt and Mahoney in heads-up play and Blatt held slightly less than a two-to-one chip lead when play began. It did not take long for Mahoney to take the chip lead, however, and he put himself in a great position to take out the event.

In the last hand of the Main Event, both players saw the flop, which consisted of the Jack of Diamonds, Six of Clubs and Three of Diamonds. That gave Blatt – who had Six-Seven of Diamonds – a pair of Sixes and a flush draw, while Mahoney had top pair with his King-Jack offsuit.

The flop led to a number of raises and reraises, but Mahoney eventually went all-in. Blatt, who was covered by about 150,000 chips, called the all-in and needed to hit on the turn or river to stay in. That did not happen as another Jack came on turn, followed by the King of Spades on the river, which gave Mahoney a full house.

With that, Blatt was eliminated from the event in second place and Mahoney was officially crowned the winner of the ANZPT Perth Main Event.

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