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Panka Wins 2014 PCA Main Event

The first major poker Main Event of 2014 is now over, with the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event having come to a close in the Bahamas.

Dominik Panka ended the event as the winner after some stellar play throughout the last five days. He beat a field of 1,031 entries to win the top prize and the $1,820,420 payout that came along with it.

Fabian Ortiz was the first member of the final table to be eliminated thanks to Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald and his pocket Queens. It was the classic Ace-King vs. Queens affair as Ortiz moved all-in with the former before being called by Timex. Unfortunately for Ortiz, McDonald’s Queens held on the board to send him home in eighth place.

Seventh place went to Pascal Lefrancois, who was knocked out by Isaac Baron not long after the dinner break. Lefrancois shoved pre-flop with pocket Sixes before being called by Baron and his Ace-King. The Sixes were good on the flop, but the Ace of Hearts came on the turn, which was enough for Baron to win the hand and put the event down to six.

Shyam Srinivasan was the next player to be eliminated from the Main Event. It came at the hands Dominik Panka, who was actually behind when he called Srinivasan’s shove. Panka had pocket Tens, while Srinivasan showed pocket Jacks when the showdown began before the flop. Unfortunately for him, however, Panka hit a set on the flop, which won him the hand and knocked Srinivasan out in sixth place.

Next to go was Daniel Gamez, who became Mcdonald’s second final table scalp. Gamez went all-in pre-flop with Queen-Ten of Hearts and was called by Timex, who showed pocket Tens. Gamez had a flush draw on the turn, which gave him a few extra outs, but the Jack of Clubs that came on the river was not one of them. That ensured Timex won the hand while Gamez settled for fifth place.

Panka then claimed a second final table scalp of his own after he eliminated Madis Muur from the Main Event in third place. It came when Muur moved all-in pre-flop with Queen-Ten and was called by Panka, who had Ace-King. Panka hit a King on the flop, which further cemented his lead and ultimately won him the hand while putting the event down to its final three players.

Three-handed play lasted for around two hours, with the chip lead changing like a hot potato between the remaining players. Baron was the player who was eventually eliminated in third place after landing on the wrong end of a showdown against Panka.

Baron moved all-in pre-flop with King-Queen offsuit and was called by Panka, who had Ace-Nine of Spades. The flop was one of the worst ones imaginable for Baron as all three of the cards were Spades, which gave Panka the nut flush. There was no way Baron could have won the hand after that and he was eliminated from the event, albeit with an extra $1,207,599 to his name.

Baron’s elimination put Panka and Timex in heads-up play, with Panka holding a small chip lead when play began. Timex quickly took the chip lead, however, and held it throughout most of play.

Panka then retook the lead about two hours into heads-up play after winning a showdown against Timex. It was all Panka from there as he boosted his lead en route to taking out the PCA Main Event.

In the final hand of the event, Panka raised and Timex responded by moving all-in pre-flop. After asking for a count of McDonald’s stack, Panka called and yet another showdown was soon underway.

Panka showed Ace-Two offsuit while Timex had Seven-Four of Clubs. Panka hit a pair of Twos on the flop, but the Seven of Hearts came on the turn and Timex was thrust into the lead. Panka needed another Two or an Ace on the river to win the event and, low and behold, the last card shown on the board, and in this year’s PCA Main Event, was the Ace of Clubs.

With that, Timex was eliminated in second place and Dominik Panka was crowned the winner of the 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event.

A great way to start the year in poker.

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