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"Ottoman09" Wins FTOPS XXI Event #9

After nearly eight and one-half hours of exciting tournament play, Romania’s “ottoman09” emerged victorious in Event #9 of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) in Day 4 action.

Taking down the first place prize of $54,250.35, “ottoman09” outlasted a field of 806 that included 1,130 rebuys and 605 add-ons that pushed the prize pool to $254,100, more than 50 grand higher than its announced guarantee of $200,000. Event #9 was a six-handed No-Limit Hold’em affair.

In final table action with four players remaining, “ottoman09” knocked out “xbet_kiddi” when his pocket 10s hit trips on the flop. “xbet_kiddi” also flopped a set with 4-4 in the hole, but watched helplessly as the board ran out 9-4-10-7-3. “ottoman09” picked up more than 1.5 million chips on that pot and was on his way, while “xbet_kiddi” picked up $19,311.60 for fourth place.

Third place finisher “IPukeRainbows” from Lithunia may have been puking something else when his 10-Q flopped a straight with the board showing 8-J-9, but he was sent to the rail when “ottoman09” hit a full house as another 8 appeared on the river to connect with his hole cards of 8-9. “IPukeRainbows” pocketed $25,410 for his outstanding play and a can forever tell a helluva bad beat story to whoever may listen, after coming from behind and making a serious run at an FTOPS title.

As heads-up play began between “ottoman09” and “voehahn,” “ottoman09” had about a 4.5 to 1 chip lead. It was only a matter of time, 23 hands to be exact, until “ottoman09” emerged victorious. An all-in shove by “ottoman09” pre-flop with J-K offsuit saw “voehahn” call with A-Q. The board of 6-6-K-7-Q gave “ottoman09” a better two pair and a FTOPS championship. Russia’s “voehahn” took the runner-up prize of $35,574.

A total of 102 places paid in Event #9, with “oskaaar” of Sweden making it to the final payday position and earning $482.79. Hungary’s “Rentry85” was the tourney bubble boy and will have to settle for a free ticket to the “Bouncebackability Freeroll” in FTOPS XXII for a shot at winning a free entry to the Main Event in the poker series.

Here is the final table of the six-handed event:


1 ottoman09 $54,250.35
2 voehahn $35,574.00
3 IPukeRainbows $25,410.00
4 xbet_kiddi $19,311.60
5 aihhfr $13,721.40
6 IkillU2012 $8,766.45

In Day 4’s other scheduled tournament, Event #8, 487 players kicked in $200 + $16 and played Pot-limit Omaha Hi under a Rush Poker format. Rush Poker’s popularity cannot be denied as the prize pool inched near the double guarantee mark, settling at $97,400 after being announced as $50,000 guaranteed. A deal between “Garbally” and “arhimides” allowed the two to split first and second place prize money except for $500. “Garbally” won the championship and $19,973.50. He also sits in fourth place in the FTOPS XXI Leaderboard.

The final table of the event:


1 Garbally $19,973.50
2 arhimides $19,473.50
3 83oneblood86 $11,201.00
4 Revenge4Dodo $8,766.00
5 maxxscam $6,574.50
6 Clairv0yant1 $4,870.00
7 Thylacine09 $3,165.50
8 TLD2006 $2,435.00
9 jbrow8777 $1,948.00


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