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Online Legend Chris “Moorman1” Moorman Wins WPT L.A. Poker Classic

It was just a matter of time. After becoming the first poker player in the world to win $10 million exclusively from online tournaments (according to PocketFives), British pro Chris Moorman owns at long last the live poker felt, winning the first major live tourney of his career.

He needed 32 cashes, 4 major final tables, and 1 lucky river to finally conquer the final frontier.

The Brit was in a good position when the televised final table bubble burst. Dan O’Brien was the unlucky number seven who finished off the fifth day and set the stage for the sixth and final day. O’Brien moved all-in on the turn with his bullets, but couldn’t dodge Michael Rocco’s outs. Rocco snap-called holding a pair of Kings, a flush draw, and a gutshot. The river completed the flush and O’Brien was officially eliminated from the tournament.

Rocco started the six-handed play in the lead, holding around 35% of the chips in play. Moorman was second, but still dangerous as he had over 100 big blinds to start the final day. He was the most active player and put his opponents into a lot of uncomfortable situations.

After shortstack Adam Friedman hit the rail in sixth place with a decent prize of $200,000, Moorman started his domination, eliminating one opponent after another. He made a three-bet from the big blind with pocket tens and called Josh Neufeld’s all-in move. Neufeld held Ace-Ten and was behind all the way. He finished fifth, winning $264,520.

Moorman’s next victim was Frenchman Patrick Bruel. He called a raise in the small blind with King-Eight suited and check-raised all-in with second pair on a J-8-2 flop. Moorman called with Ace-Jack, taking Bruel’s whole stack after the turn and the river bricked. For his fourth place finish, Bruel took home over $332k.

The three-handed play was spectacular and could have decided the winner if not for the river. Glenn Lafaye had a huge advantage before hand #129 with over 11 million chips. Moorman was second holding over 22 big blinds and 2,855,000 chips. Rocco was third with 2,040,000.

Lafaye acted first, open-raising the button with Queen-Jack suited. Rocco raised all-in from the small blind with Ace-Eight, while the Brit re-raised his whole stack with pocket tens. The big chip leader called and was preparing for a big celebration after the K-Q-J flop gave him two pair. The lone 3 turn changed nothing and Lafaye had to dodge only the three Aces remaining in the deck, plus four nines. Unfortunately for him, that didn’t happen. Moorman rivered a broadway straight, eliminating Rocco, who cashed in $423,440 for his finish.

Moorman was ready to battle Lafaye head-to-head with over 50 big blinds. The battle was swift, with Moorman taking down pot after pot. The final blow involved the famous poker bullets and one legend. The Brit snap-called after his opponent moved all-in with an open-ender on the flop. The turn and river were safe enough to give Moorman his second million-dollar live cash.

Here are the final payouts:

  1. Chris Moorman (UK) – $1,015,460
  2. Glenn Lafaye (USA) – $662,840
  3. Michael Rocco (USA) – $423,440
  4. Patrick Bruel (FRA) – $332,190
  5. Josh Neufeld (USA) – $264,520
  6. Adam Friedman (USA) – $200,440

Congratulations to Chris “Moorman1” Moorman, who added another million-dollar win to his already full-house. He has won $10,925,072 in the online world, according to, and $3,900,939 on the live poker felt, as reported by Card Player. Will he double the stake and reach the $10 million mark in live tournament winnings as well?

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